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Witch-grown Fresh Organic Catnip

$15.99 $19.99

Catnip ~ Nepeta Cataria

Grown in my herb garden and dried in the summer sun, this Catnip will drive your Kitties (or Spirit kitties) wild!  Spellcast for enhanced bonding.  Utilize in your Rituals, Mediations or Spellworkings for enhanced effects. 

You will receive one .5 ounce bag of Catnip herb; ziplocked for freshness.  

**Outside the US (except for Canada or UK), please check your Country restrictions regarding the importation of herbs.  Many Countries, such as Australia, do not allow the importation of herbs.

*If you decide to consume as a tea, please consult a physician or health care professional before use. If you are pregnant, consult your physician before using any herbs or natural remedies.

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