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Dolphin Sodalite Palm Gemstone


LIMITED TIME OFFER!! FREE with any purchase(s) of $100.00+. Simply add this item to your cart along with your other item(s). Limit 1 Freebie per order. *International buyers: $100.00 goal does not include shipping.

*~ Dolphin Totem Animal ~*


Harmony ~ Play ~ Wisdom ~ Forgiveness & Trusting Again

 photo cffcab96-ed8f-4624-a3f7-d8f1800c3f28_zps1e8aba30.jpg


These gorgeous gemstones have been Magickally attuned to Dolphin Totem Spirit Guides. These are Totem Spirits who wish to share their Magickal Wisdom and Animal Traits with those who show an interest in them.

This Dolphin Totem Spirit will bring you: Deep Wisdom, Harmonious balance in life, More time for yourself to pursue your hobbies and play, refreshing water energy for healing of past issues and the ability to move forward in a positive manner, and learning to trust others whether it’s moving on from a bad relationship, family relationship, friendship or improving business relationships. Dolphins symbolize Harmony, Freedom, Communication and Trust and they can teach us so much about having fun and playing. They have a strong sense of community with each other as well as the world around them. Their communication skills are extraordinary and the unique way in which they communicate and use their skills indicates an innate Universal Intelligence which is linked to deep healing and a higher consciousness.

Dolphins have a purity of being which touches our inner nature. If a Dolphin Totem swims into your life, follow its lead and open yourself to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth and follow your inner joy. Dolphin Totems ask you to return to the depths of your being and rediscover the Magick that is within you!

Your purchase is for 1 sodalite palm stone gemstone housing one beautiful unnamed Dolphin Totem Spirit.  Chosen at random (unless you want a certain one ~ contact me before purchase to see if it's still available).  Sodalite brings natural metaphysical properties to further bless your life.  It brings inner peace and harmony and ushers this energy into your home & sacred space.  It stimulates endurance and is extra lucky for writers.  It brings inner peace and will harmonize your conscious and subconscious mind.  It brings balance to those with thyroid issues and helps those trying to lose weight.  It iads in communicating and will give you confidence to speak more.

These Incredible Dolphins are waiting to share their Magick with the fortunate individuals they call to!

Before birth, you were assigned several Animal Totem Spirit Guides to accompany you on this earthly plane. You Spiritually have several Animal Guides that are an integral part of who you are ~ you instinctively feel drawn to these Animals. You will have Animal Guides your Entire life – some will come and go as your life experiences change and others will stick with you through it all. Your Animal Totems will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your physical life as a Spiritual being.

Don't dismiss an Animal because it's not what you think you should have for a totem or what you were expecting. Keep an open mind and consider the Traits of the Animal and how it can help you in your life. If you see the Dolphin in dreams, visions or on tv, in books, etc., take it as sign that this totem has an Important Message for you!

I look forward to sending you your very own Special Dolphin Totem Spirit and let the journey begin!

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