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Wealth Goddess Lakshmi & 7 Potent Spells Ring

$77.77 $247.77

The Beautiful Buddhist Moon Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune will bring you Blessings of Abundance, Riches & Vast Wealth!  She embodies generosity, true happiness, beauty and purity.  She can assist you with all Matters relating to Money – she will place you in the proper position so you can reap the financial as well as romantic windfalls you deserve!  This Wise Goddess will assist you in finding a meaningful career which will bring you tremendous rewards as well as personal fulfillment!  With her powers intrinsically working for you, others will find themselves wanting to be friends with you; respect and admire you.  You will gain high esteem among your peers and co-workers, and lead a more exciting social life.  She can manifest in spectral form; often appearing with a soft floral scent and lotus blossoms, which denotes spiritual awakening & peace.  Call upon her for Financial Gain & share with her your Dreams for Success so she can manifest these for you! 


Besides being your Connection to Lakshmi, I also Spellcast this Ring with 7 of my Most Powerful White Magick Spells!:


★Hot Love, Sex & Passion Spell

Brings passionate new love or rekindles the flames of your current relationship.


★A Rich Life Money Spell

Money will flow freely to you from all sources; lotteries, raises, gifts of cash, better business success, etc.


★Irresistible Allure Spell

Look younger, radiate beauty as this spell enhances your attraction in all the right areas, so the right people will notice you; you will beam confidence as head sturn!  Also helps with weight loss &ending addictions.


★Home Cleansing & Protection Spell

Removes all Evil Spirits, Hexes, Curses, etc. from your Sacred Space & offers continuous protection.


★Psychic Enhancement Spell

Opens your 3rd Eye, Spirit Communication, ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, AstralTravel, Prophetic Dreams & Psychic Visions.


★Aura & Karma Cleansing Spell

Cleans & brightens your Aura, making you feel spectacular & erases damage from past life Karmic mistakes so you can live life to the fullest!


★U-Turn Spell

Stop going down the road of pain, grief, misery and depression. This Spell illuminates the problem(s) of your choosing, takes the mystery out of them, and reveals a clear course of action to take, leading you to less stress and a much healthier & happier Life.


Your purchase is for 1 Gorgeous Lakshmi & 7 Spells Ring with an emerald cz stone, accented with white cz stones, set in sterling silver.  Choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Does not have to be worn to work; you could carry with you or keep someplace special.


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