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Blue Moon Psychic Enhancement Crystal Amulet

$79.99 $229.99


Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have Spellcast & Charged this Crystal Moon during 3 Consecutive Full & New Moon Rituals the ultra-powerful Blue Moon on October 31, 2020, for Multi-leveled Psychic Enhancement.

It will enhance your Psychic Abilities, making your 3rd Eye Open & your 6th Sense Stronger. This is a wonderful tool not only for Psychic Mediums, Healers and Seekers, but also anyone wishing to enhance their own Natural Talents, increase your Extra-sensory Perceptions and Communicate with Spirits, Guides, Angels or Others who have crossed over.

It will enhance any of the following areas you choose to focus on ~ keep in mind this is a tool to assist you and help bring you enlightenment as you focus on these areas. It is recommended you only choose a few at a time to practice & focus on; some areas will manifest strongly for you while other areas may need more practice. You do not have to pursue all of the abilities listed; you can pick and choose any of the areas you wish to enhance.

The power of this Amulet never fades, so you can always choose to work on certain areas at a future time.

*Apport ~ moving, disappearing or materializing objects

*Automatic Writing ~ writing produced without conscious thought

*Arithmancy/Arithmomancy ~ forms of Numerology where predictions are made through numbers and the number value of letters

*Astral Projection/ OBE’s ~ the process by which your ‘astral body’ becomes separate from the physical; out of body travel; astral traveling

*Bibliomancy ~ interpreting a passage chosen at random from a book and offering up a prophecy from so doing

*Bilocation ~ being in two places at the same time

*Capnomancy~ interpreting the flow and shapes in the smoke of a fire to from a prophecy

*Channeling ~ when a Spirit enters the mind and body of a spiritual medium and uses that body to communicate to you directly

*Clairvoyance ~ the ability to see what normally can’t be seen, or to see the future or to see the spirits of people who have passed over

*Clairsentience ~ the ability to physically feel Spiritual Beings

*Clairempathy ~ the ability to feel emotions from Spiritual Beings

*Clairaudience ~ the ability to hear Spiritual Beings

*Clairscentient ~ the ability to smell aromas beyond the physical levels

*Crystallomancy ~ the art of seeing future visions from within a crystal ball, crystal cluster or point

*Dowsing ~ the ability to locate lost or hidden objects

*Dream Interpretation ~ reading your dreams as prophecies; lucid dreaming

*Energy Healing ~ healing by channeling energy

*Reiki /Crystal/ Shaman/ Faith Healing ~ the ability to feel an ailment (whether the person is physically with you or not), and treat it using energy transference

*Mediumship ~ communicating with deceased human spirits

*Palmistry/ Palm Reading/Cheirology ~ divination from the lines on and the structures of people's hands

*Past Life Regression~ a process of meditative visualization for reliving or discovering experiences of your previous lives

*Pet Psychic ~ the ability to telepathically hear and communicate with animals

*Precognition/Second Sight ~ seeing future events before they happen via dreams or premonitions

*Psychokinesis/Telekinesis ~ manipulation of time or matter using the power of the mind

*Psychometry ~ obtaining information about a person through an object

*Remote viewing ~ gathering information about a person from a distance

*Scrying ~ using an object to view future events

*Tasseography, Tasseomancy ~ divination via reading tea leaves or coffee grains that remain in a cup once the beverage has been consumed

*Telepathy ~ being able to mentally ‘read’ another person’s thoughts or emotions

**Note:  Please keep in mind this is a tool to assist you as you practice these abilities.  It is not typical that it will instantly bestow you these qualities.  It will take some effort on your part.

Your purchase is for one exquisite Austrian Crystal Blue Moon Amulet.  It measures about 1.25" in total length (including bail). Sterling silver Recharging chain included in your choice of size. You do not have to wear it to be blessed by its powers; you could also carry with you or keep in a special place ~ utilize when you feel the need.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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