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Hamilton Shapeshifting English Sorcerer Amulet

$229.99 $579.99




English Sorcerer


Utilizing the Sacred Invocations from my Ancestors, I’m honored to present this ultra-rare Spirit! This enchanting ring is home to a Male Owl-Man Sorcerer Spirit named Hamilton. He has the ability to transform from man to owl to something in between. In human form he is incredibly handsome with tousled light-brown brown hair that falls in soft layers around his ears, enchanting deep blue eyes and a dazzling smile. He has incredibly strong telepathic energy and is able to communicate via mental telepathy with ease. If you cannot hear him telepathically “calling” to you through this listing (ie., you can't stop thinking about him, etc.), he is probably not meant for you.

This incredibly benevolent Spirit brings so much to his keeper’s life! He is a Sorcerer of Magick, Prophecy and Wisdom! He is able to cast Spells for you on your behalf as well as bless your Life with tremendous Wealth, Good Luck, Protection & much more. The following are even more blessings he can bestow you:

Powerful Boosts in your own Spells & Magick
Prophetic Dreams
Astral Travel/OBE’s
Power to see the un-seen
Stronger instincts
Universal/Akashic Wisdom
Wealth & Good Luck
Power of the moon & night
Finding or Keeping your SoulMate
Psychic Enhancment/Clairvoyance/3rd Eye
Insight into others true motives

 Hamilton assists those who wish to develop or further deepen their own Psychic, Prophetic and/or Healing Abilities such as Clairvoyance, ESP, Aura Reading, Channeling, Lucid Dreams, Feng Shui, Telepathy, Communication with Spirits & Animals, Numerology, Astrology, Reiki, and so much more! Include him when you read tarot cards, scry, use pendulums or Ouija boards for his knowledgeable influence!


He will work his Magick to cast any Spell on your behalf! He is also a wish-granter and you can ask for any and as many wishes as you desire! He will help guide you to be on the right path, bringing the right people and opportunities directly to you!

 Hamilton is a very friendly and loving Spirit! He has also displayed paranormal activity, such as making the temperature drop, seeing orbs, mists & odd lights, seeing shadows, hearing a distant owl “hoot” (typically at night) and pecking/tapping sounds on walls/roofs. Do not purchase him if you do not want an Interactive Spirit in your life!

Hamilton is housed in this exquisite Owl Amulet, carved out of ox bone (ethically harvested), with a base metal bail, measuring about 2 ½”. Wear, carry with you, hang, or keep on your Altar to usher in his blessings. You don’t want to miss out on this captivating piece!

Do you feel Hamilton calling to you? He will send very strong energy to the one lucky person he is meant to be with! His energy is very warm and loving and he will seem somewhat familiar to you ~ perhaps you’ve known him in a previous lifetime!


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