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7x Lucky Rabbit Wealth Money Success Amulet

$77.77 $279.99

This enchanting rabbit amulet was Spellcast during 7 Full Moons with some of my most powerful Wealth-drawing Spells! This is a take on the old tradition of rabbit’s feet being lucky, but this isn’t a real rabbit! Just as the Ostara/Easter Bunny carries a never-ending basket of goodies, so too does this amulet carry with it never-ending good luck and fortunes for you!


The powers of this piece direct you right into the flow of prosperity, drawing money from all sources, such as raises, gifts of cash, refunds, finding treasures, gambling/lottery luck/winning, profitable investments and good deals. It can help enrich your lifestyle so you can enjoy all of the luxuries you dream of; lavish vacations, spacious homes, extravagant cars ~ anything you desire! Not only can you be blessed financially, but your excessive wealth can flow over to friends and relatives; those that you want to help because they supported you when you were down. You can be very happy and live a life of abundance! It also brings other blessings to you, including: rebirth, protection, strong instincts, quick-thinking, problem solving, getting out of sticky situations, adaptation, fertility and releasing of fears. This piece will bring you fresh, new and successful opportunities, placing you on the right path at just the right time! You will find you are quick to succeed as your endeavors grow in leaps and bounds, just like a bunny hopping around!


Rabbits have been long associated with the Occult and Secret Magickal workings. They are messengers of the Underworld and have a powerful connection to the Spiritual Realm. In this regard, this piece can help you better connect and communicate with Spirits.


This piece uses supernatural forces that are beyond our human understanding/comprehension!


Your purchase is for one sterling silver Lucky Rabbit Amulet, with your choice of sterling size Recharging Chain included. You will treasure having this amazing pendant in your collection!



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