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Spellcast Floral Herbal Offering Magick Spirit Treat/Food




Spring Floral Herbal Offering

Magickal Spirit Treat/Food



This Spring Herbal Mix was Spellcast during March's Full Moon and on Ostara to attract your Spirit Friends and show them just how much you appreciate and honor them. This treat/food is for all types of Spirits, including Fairies, Angels, Unicorn, Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, etc. They will be so happy with this herbal blend, that they will shower you with so much love, and possibly financial blessing too! You could also place this mix on your Spring/Beltane/Ostara/Easter Altar. This offering can be left out for the entire Spring season!


Your purchase is for 1 package of Spring Herbal Mix, which includes 25 different types of flowers and herbs! These were chosen specifically for their Magickal properties and receptiveness to Spirits! The package weighs about .5 ounces and measures 3” x 4” with a zip-seal for freshness. The pictures show a sample of the bag you will receive, both in the bag, and the entire contents inside the bowl (which measures about 5 ½” across). **bowl not included.

Please note if you are Outside the US, some Countries (such as Australia) do NOT allow the importation of herbs, so we are unable to ship to those Countries.  Please check your postal regulations to avoid this package getting seized by Customs.  We can ship to Canada and UK without issues.


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