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Male Unicorn & Majestic Unicorn Portal Blue Agate Amulet

$179.99 $679.99

Male Unicorn & Majestic Unicorn Portal Amulet
 photo unicorn 2_zpsmtq1b4iz.jpg

Utilizing the Ancient Unicorn Summoning Spells of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this breathtaking Male Unicorn & Majestic Unicorn Portal Amulet. Appearing in numerous Cultures for Centuries, the Unicorn has come to be known as an elusive gentle creature of purity and beauty. They are the most loving and admired of Woodland Creature Companions and bring immense blessings to those who befriend them! Those who are drawn to the Unicorn as their power animal have a deep affiliation for the spiritual realm and have a natural gift for Shamanic journeying. Unicorns allow you to find new inner strength and confidence and they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to share with them. Their naturally sweet essence also helps you to see nature’s beauty like never before!

This Amulet houses a charming Male Unicorn with soft, light-blue fur, large blue eyes and white, spiral luminescent horn. He will bring much peace, harmony, healing, love & tranquility to your life! He is also the Gatekeeper to the Portal of the Majestic Unicorns! Thousands of Unicorns can enter through the portal to assist & enlighten you! These can be babies, younglings or adults of any color. Only benevolent Unicorns can come through, never anything harmful. Collectively they will bring new wonder & enchantment into your Life! They have the ability to restore broken spirits and make your dreams come true! They will help you develop your unlimited personal power! These beautiful Woodland Creatures have a strong bond with Spirits of the Forest and all Fairy Folk. This Amulet also acts as a social gathering place for any Unicorns you currently have to meet & socialize with other Unicorns ~ making them incredibly happy!

 photo Unicorns_10_zpshxuwu7qf.jpg

The Most Revered Immortals of the Woodland, the Majestic Unicorns can help you in countless ways such as:

*Creating positive thought forms to counter-balance negative thinking.

*They will lovingly guide & support you during the cessation of addictive patterns of behavior; smoking, overeating, etc.

*They help you heal from past life traumas or childhood abuse; you will not be reliving your past, rather their loving & gentle energies will be sent to the past to support your healing now.

*Their pure & luminous energies will help in detoxifying your physical and spiritual bodies of all negative & stagnant debris that is no longer serving you. Toxic thought patterns and emotions will gently be dissolved.

*They will support you during all of your projects & goals; such as auditions, interviews, job searching, as well as major life events such as births, deaths, divorce, etc.

*They will assist you in taking care of Mother Earth and environmental concerns.

*They bring motivation and inspiration to any creative project or artistic work.

When in the presence of your Male Unicorn and the Portal Unicorns, you will feel much calmer, enlightened, peaceful & tranquil and harmonizing energy surrounding you. They can communicate with you through mental telepathy & thought forms. Their horns have Magickal powers to heal and neutralize poisons; therefore, they can be a healing and comforting force in your life. Their horn is also associated with the opening of the 3rd eye and Spiritual Vision. Unicorns can cover great distances, carrying you rapidly and safely through the spiritual realm. They have the innate ability to detect evil & malevolent energies and they can effectively dissolve & do away with them. They place you in the flow of all that is good & positive and will attract Good Luck & Wealth to you!

This vessel features a gorgeous blue agate gemstone with the image of a sterling Unicorn set in sterling silver, with a sterling silver Recharging chain in your choice of size. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to receive their blessings. Blue Agate brings natural Metaphysical properties to enhance your life! It is a naturally calming, uplifting stone. The blue color strengthens the function of the throat chakra and encourages peace. It can be utilized wherever there is a build-up of painful or irritated energy. Wear or carry for peace and happiness. Place it in your hand when you feel the need to de-stress. If you find yourself in stressful situations at work or home, keep this on your desk and simply gaze at it for relief. In the home, surround it with light blue candles to calm the atmosphere and reduce family or other relationship quarrels.

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