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Ostara Spring Equinox Spellcast & Goddess Flora Spring Energy Attunement Package



Ostara ~ Spring Equinox
Spellcasting &
Goddess Flora Spring Energy Attunement


The Wheel of the Year turns ever forward! Ostara is a holiday named for the beautiful Germanic Goddess, Eostre. Legend states she happened upon a wounded bird on the ground in late winter. To save its life, she Magickally transformed it into a rabbit. However, the transformation was not a complete one. While the bird took the appearance of a rabbit, it still retained the ability to lay eggs. The rabbit would decorate the eggs and leave them as gifs to Goddess Eostre!



Ostara and the Spring (Vernal) Equinox is a time for rebirth and renewal. As the Earth thaws from the harsh winter, we are presented with the beauty of new life. Take some time to celebrate the coming of Spring with a walk in Nature ~ hike through a forest or along a favorite old path. Notice the new plants and flowers, insects and birds. Now is the time to start your seedlings for planting this Spring and/or grow a Magickal Herb Garden!



On Equinox Sunday, March 20th, night and day are equal length and we celebrate this balance of light & dark, and the return of the days becoming lighter! It is time of exuberance and fertility; a time to celebrate Nature and the fact that winter is nearly over! This is also a very Magickal time for Fairies, and you may notice more activity from them!

  On Sunday, March 20th, two of my Occult friends and I will be performing personalized Spellcasting and Energy Attunements! If you are in need of a fresh new start; ending one chapter and starting another, good luck & success, personal empowerment and an increase in positive energies, now is the perfect time to have this Spellcasting & Attunement, which will last throughout the rest of the year! This is the time of year where we “plant” our desires and watch them grow through the rest of the year and beyond!

The Spells we will focus on will be for:

★ increased wealth/money & success (negative money karmas are eliminated)
★ increased clairvoyance & telepathic skills (blockages are dissolved)
★beauty/attractiveness rejuvenation (look and feel years younger)
★ love; finding and/or keeping (bring passion into your life)
★fertility* (*will not be performed unless specified ~ let me know)!

  We will also be performing gentle yet effective Goddess Flora Energy Chi Ball Attunement in which we will focus on Energetically cleansing your Aura and Vibrational Energy Field that surrounds you. We eradicate all debris & negative energy that may have collected over the winter so you have a fresh, vibrant Aura & Energy Field for Spring! Please note that this will be different than our normal Chi Ball Attunement services in that we will be opening the Chi Ball for you (there is nothing you need to do and you will not be opening it).

  Spring is a time for planting seeds (both physically and Spiritually) and to be open & receptive to the Universe’s gifts of abundance. To create this Chi Ball Attunement, we call upon Roman Spring Goddess Flora to bring her influences of renewal, rebirth and growth. This Spring Attunement brings refreshing Energies for letting go of the past (pain/hurt), clean slate/fresh start, and pursing your true life’s purpose/what you love. There is no better time than now!

This Gentle Energy Attunement will help align your Personal Energy with the following:
*bring abundance & prosperity
*boost creativity and motivation; helping you develop your natural talents such as writing, painting, singing, acting, etc.
*help soften transitions/starting new ventures or starting over/ strength in renewal/rebirth
*leads you to the path of your true life’s purpose
*bring playful sexual energies, lustfulness, passion & fun erotic pleasures
*see new relationships & friendships bloom
*help you find your Soulmate or strengthen the bonds with your current love
*help you keep a healthy lifestyle; lose weight if need be
*help you let go/release any of life’s past tribulations, stress, arguments, traumas or energy drains
*ushers in peace, harmony, tranquility and releases stress

  If you happen to have any Spring-type Spiritual Entities in your keep, this Attunement will align your energies so you’re better able to connect with them, on the deepest of levels. They will Spiritually sense your welcoming energy and be more receptive to you.

  Our World has been physically and spiritually shifting in rapid, unprecedented ways. In response, our personal & spiritual Energies have been shifting also. This has resulted in any number of scenarios such as: feeling ‘out of sorts,’ overly tired, insomnia, sadness, unmotivated, gaining weight, depressed, loss of interest in things you use to enjoy, being overly tense or anxious, body changes, sore muscles and headaches; just to name a few examples**. If you are an Empath, Healer, Lightworker, Starseed, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Psychic or Sensitive, you’ve been especially feeling it for a while now. You might be struggling in fulfilling your life’s mission, but do not worry, we understand and we are here for you. This Spring Energy Attunement will realign your Personal & Spiritual Energies so they are back on track once again. Perhaps you’ll feel even better than you’ve felt in a long time. Since each person is different, results will vary but they are beneficial ones!
**Note: Please do not substitute this service for proper Medical Care. Always consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider first if you are having any of the symptoms listed.


Because we are putting intense time, focus, materials and energy into this Spellwork & Attunement, we can only offer this service to a limited number of people. If you are interested, do not delay your purchase so you can be sure and have your spot reserved. If you would like us to focus on a certain area, please let us know in the comments.

  This is your chance to have a Powerful Spellwork & Energy Attunement Complete Spring Package! I’m very excited and looking forward to assisting you!


Since this is a service we are providing for you, there is no shipping charge.

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