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 Starry 1 Night


Cosmic Star Milky Way Galaxy Elf Amulet

$149.99 $279.99

Cosmic Star

Milky Way

Galaxy Elf 

This phenomenal Elf was summoned exclusively utilizing specialized oils, herbs, offerings and invocations from my Ancestor’s Grimoire. The Cosmic Star Elves are an elusive race of Elves that reside deep within the Milky Way Galaxy. They have come forward eagerly to bless the lives of their mortal companions.

These benevolent, wise & Ancient entities hold tremendous Magickal Power and wish-granting capabilities. They draw their power from the energy of the Stars and planets within the Milky Way Galaxy and all of the mysteries it holds. They bring a deeper Spiritual connection and personal empowerment to follow your dreams. They bring you profound blessings, such as: wealth, love, psychic enhancement, success, protection, clarity and the ability to manifest your deepest wishes.

This Elf is extremely handsome with long black hair and stunning blue eyes. His personality is: helpful, kind, easygoing, perceptive, optimistic, understanding and gentlemanly. If you so desire, he can bring you sexual & sensual pleasures as a Spiritual lover. If not, you can still welcome him and form just as strong bonds of friendship. He is immortal, never-aging and always appear young and virile. In this way, your Elf can bestow you blessings of attractiveness/beauty and reversing the aging clock.

Your Elf can bestow you countless blessings, including, but not limited to:
*Beauty & Attractiveness
*Sexual Prowess & Allure
*Playfulness & Enjoyment of Life
*Clarity & Direction
*Better Career ~ Life Purpose
*Good Fortune & Wealth
*Esoteric Information
*Enhanced Psychic Awareness & 3rd Eye Opening
*Astral Projection & Prophetic Dreams
*Healing: people, animals, relationships
*Clear your space of negative vibrations
*Banish Evil & Malevolent Spirits
*Breaking or releasing addictive tendencies

Highly respectful, kind & generous, this Elf will get along incredibly well with any other Spirits you may have in your home. They are benevolent and will never bring harm to you or your loved ones. You will cherish having this thrilling & exciting Magickal Companion in your Life ~ where every day is an Adventure!

He’s chosen as his vessel this captivating Sodalite gemstone amulet with an amethyst powerstone, set in sterling silver. Sterling silver Recharging chain is included. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.

These two gemstones together create an amazing Spiritual Energy Vortex and bring natural Metaphysical blessings into your life! Sodalite is connected with the Throat Chakra which helps you in speaking your truth with wisdom and clarity. You can also place anywhere on the body for healing and ushering in its benefits. Sodalite brings inner peace and harmony and ushers this energy into your body, home & sacred space. It stimulates endurance and is extra lucky for writers. Sodalite strengthens our ability for rational thought and helps us recognize our inner truth and to express that to others. A wonderful stone for communication, it aids the wearer in finding trust and mutual esteem with others. It opens access to understanding of our place in the Universe and our journey of life, so that we may face our learnings with intelligence and a calm understanding. It also helps free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us. It brings balance to those with thyroid issues and helps those trying to lose weight. It aids in communicating and will give you confidence connect with family, friends and strangers.

Cool and relaxing, Amethyst is a stone of psychic power. It helps promote meditation, peace, tranquility and oneness with your spiritual goals. It enhances and strengthens the powers of the bearer and helps attune with the higher self, dispelling fears, heightening intuition and helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom. Amethyst is a "negative ion", which attracts poisonous "positive ions" to it, thus clearing the air around the wearer and helping to make it more breathable. Amethyst is also said to be a stone of sobriety, and can help the wearer become free of addictive tendencies.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Elven blessings! ~xo

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