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Hellfire Club Wheel of Misfortune Luciferian Spell Codes Ring B

$666.66 $1,006.66

Hellfire Club

Wheel of Misfortune

Luciferian Ring

This Ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It is a vintage piece that was Spell Cast and used exclusively within certain sects of the Black Magick Satan Worshipers of the Hellfire Club. Established in the 18th Century, these esteemed, high-ranking Illuminati Members formed Dark Occult Societies throughout Britain and Ireland. Their powerful Spellwork is Centuries old, utilizing Secret Universal wisdom, they unlocked the Codes for creating endless possibilities for the owners of their talismans.

This multi-dimensional Ring utilizes the power of every direction to seek out and bring havoc to your enemies. Imbued with Luciferian Spell Codes that cause hardships, destruction and misfortune to your enemies, this powerful ring assures you retribution and justice. Their relationships and career will crumble as they suffer misfortunes, unexpected setbacks, bad luck and disappointments with whomever they encounter. The Spells imbued into this ring will cause them to doubt and question their decisions, lose confidence and lead them down the wrong path; closing all doors to advancements. The powers of this ring work for anyone you name, but also for anyone who is purposely hurting, mistreating or humiliating you; these are people who secretly like to see you fail, and want the worst for you. Even if they don’t purposely curse you, their negative energy is enough to cause your troubles. And if they have purposely cursed you, the energetic negative cord/line will be traced back to them from this Ring and justice will be served. After that, the cord will be severed, never to be able to be attached again. This helps you break free from any obstacles others may have placed in your path, knowingly or unknowingly. You will be able to gain wealth, relationships, power and anything else you desire! Protect yourself and your loved ones with this extremely powerful ring!

This Ring was owned by Hellfire Club Elites who were able to amass anything they desired. They typically keep items of this nature within their generations, but have agreed to allow fate decide who owns it next! Due to the magnificent power of this Ring, please treat it with extreme respect and use with utmost care and wisdom.

There is no formal ritual required. Once this Ring is in your hands, it will automatically start reading your Aura and know what it is you seek. It also reads all of the negative cords/curses that may be attached to you. It creates and seals a permanent pact with you, so if someone were to steal this from you and try to use it, it will nullify the Magick contained within. It does not matter your religious beliefs, this Ring will help anyone.

This vintage antique Ring is composed of an Alchemical mix of metals so as to create its unique energy signature, Size 5.  The Magick circle is an Ancient, Sacred symbol that represents cycles, continuous energy, infinity, centering, unity and completion. In Alchemical Magick it is the centerpoint of focus and used to create a protective barrier so one can work Magick. Circular Energy flows from all directions in a unified and effective manner. You don’t want to miss out on welcoming this incredible Ring! Wearing is not required, as simply owning this Ring will bring you its gifts.

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