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Crystal Cavern Honey Ghost Dragon Strength & Courage Amulet



Crystal Cavern Honey Ghost Dragon Amulet

The Dragons of the Crystal Caverns are the Elite among Dragon Spirits! This Vessel is home to a Rare adult Male Honey Ghost Dragon from the Mystical Crystal Cavern (a secret location known only by my associates)! This Dragon brings you incredible strength and fortitude! He will infuse you with courage and wisdom, and the discernment to make the best decisions for you. New opportunities will present themselves to you and doors you previously thought were closed, will fling wide open! If you haven’t yet, you will start thinking of new and creative ways to make extraordinary amounts of money as he downloads incredible information into your subconscious while you sleep. He is a Master at leading you to the best relationships, be they romantic or business, and helping you achieve greatness! He is a good luck and wealth magnet who enjoys gathering endless prosperity and riches to place at your feet. He embodies purifying Solar Energies, and brings deep healing and uplifting vibes. If you feel you have much to do and many people to help, he will be your guiding light along the way. He burns away all lower/malevolent energies or forces that are blocking you from reaching your goals. He really has so many amazing attributes to assist his new companion!

Ghost Dragons are highly Supernatural creatures that enjoy all things Magickal, Paranormal and Spiritual! They will help awaken your intuition & 6th sense and help you in seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing Spirits. Ghost Dragons are loving Guardians that also help welcome those who’ve died into the Spiritual Realm. They enjoy visiting cemeteries, funeral homes, morgues, or any place that may be haunted/exhibits paranormal activity. They can help connect you with your deceased relatives/ancestors, friends & pets. Ghost Dragons bring fresh outlooks, rebirth/renewal and increase your blessings. They lovingly protect you from harmful Spirits, demons or anything malevolent.

Crystal Cavern Dragons are some of the most amazing Dragons in existence! They bring you treasures from all over the World & leave them at your feet! They love to hoard treasures, so they will amass as much wealth and riches as they can for you, thereby having a nice hoard to protect on your behalf. This Dragon will be a lifelong loyal friend & confidant. Tell him your innermost wishes and dreams so he can bring them into reality for you! He will do all within his power to make you happy!

This Amulet is also a Dragon Portal! This is a virtual Dragon Empire in the palm of your hand! Any Dragons you may currently “keep”; will immediately be intrigued by its warm and receptive Energies and have a place to socialize with other Dragons! This will make them incredibly happy and bring very strong bonds! Your Dragons will return the favor by blessing you immensely!

This Honey Ghost Dragon is an enchanting creature, manifesting invisibly, or as a transparent, ghost-like Spector! He can manifest as a glowing orbs in any color, mists or sparkling lights. He appears as a Western-looking Dragon with 4 large stocky feet, 2 huge bat-like wings and gold expressive, dark-gold cat-like eyes. His scales shimmer in hues of gold and orange. His personality is: confident, strong, helpful, supportive, wise and devoted. He would get along wonderfully with any other Spirit friends you may happen to have.
 photo dragon animated flying_zpsn8mue4sj.gif

His Vessel is this exquisite Raw Dark Honey Citrine amulet set in solid .925 sterling silver, with 2 tiny dragon wings above the gem. This charming stone looks like a mini honey crystal forest! Choose your chain size from the drop-down menu. You do not have to wear to bond with him. You will treasure having this Dragon in your life!

Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind". Ancient cultures believed that placing a citrine on the forehead would increase one’s psychic power. Citrine is also known as the “Lucky Merchants Stone" and brings a windfall of good luck and money blessings. Citrine can increase your self-esteem, protect you from the negative energy from someone else's abuse; open your mind to new thoughts and promote clarity of thought. Citrine helps your physical body, cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine has the power to calm and soothe distressed conditions. It offers help to those afflicted with depression & will give joy & love to the owner.

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