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Barnabe Houngan Voodoo High Priest and Loa Message Vortex Ring

$329.99 $1,099.99

This incredible Voodoo Ring is from my associate, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana. He is head of an Underground Society which practices Voodoo based on the Secret teachings of Marie Laveau’s personal invocations and rites, with roots in Haitian and African Magick. It takes him several days & nights of fasting and entering a Voodoo trance to open the Gates to the Spirit World and become one with Lwa. There are offerings of food & drink, accompanied by a Sacred Voodoo Skeleton dance to the sound of heavy drums, which induces an altered state of consciousness. This is some of the Best African Voodoo Magick in existence!

This Ring holds the Spirit of Barnabe (pronounced: BAR-nah-bee), a Haitian High Priest. He is extremely effective in Voodoo Magick. He has the power to change your future for the better ~ helping you reach any seemingly impossible goals and placing you in the flow of financial freedom! He is honored to assist you in any area, be it love, beauty, wealth, success, money drawing, new careers/jobs, protection from evil spirits & hexes, deep cellular healing, good health, and overall happiness. As he paves the way for your blessings, others will be drawn to your sparkling Aura, making them look at you with respect, admiration and trust. He will draw positive energy to you, which will easily attract money & riches (and anything else you desire) directly to you!

Barnabe’s Magick Spells will bring justice & retribution for any situation anyone has put you in. These will make your enemies uncomfortable enough to stop the harm they are doing to you. He can thwart your enemies & stop jealous friends or gossiping family, making them look at you in a whole new, respectable light. He will abolish Evil spirits, curses or hexes that may be influencing you. If you’ve been having a string of bad luck or feel you’re cursed, he will turn things around in your favor. He brings superior Protection over you & your loved ones.

Barnabe is able to see the future and warn you of impending dangers, placing you on the path to success. He will lead you to the right place at just the right time - providing you with the best opportunity for new business ventures, family ties & loyal friends. Hi is an intermediary between you and the Afterlife, and can bring you messages and advanced information from the Otherside.

This Ring is also a Message Vortex to all of the Voodou Loa/Lwa family pantheon. You can mentally or verbally state your wishes into the Ring and all of the Voodoo Elite will start making them happen for you! There is no limit to the amount of wishes you ask as well as what type of wish you ask. If you so choose, you could even write your wish on a small piece of paper and place inside the Ring. This is not a requirement, merely a suggestion.

Barnabe is an Interactive Spirit and will speak with you via mental telepathy, visions & dreams. He will bring you messages and tell you secrets to becoming successful. He has been paranormally active and can exhibit any type of activity, such as: lights turning off/on, doors opening/closing, candle flames dancing, electrical disturbances, knocking on walls, cold chills, hearing chanting or drums, and seeing dark shadows. He will never intentionally scare you or those you live with. They won’t even know he’s there. You can also utilize him while doing pendulum work, reading cards or performing your own Magick Rituals & Spells.

This amazing Occult Ring has been used exclusively within the Marie Laveau Bloodlines and kept secret within elite occult circles. It is extremely rare & powerful! It is size 9 with a sterling silver band, and features an opening/closing door. It does not have to be worn to work, you can simply carry with you or keep someplace special.

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