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 Starry 1 Night


Rare Quaternity Vampire & Vampire Portal Ring

$444.44 $1,444.44


This bewitching Vampire Ring was created by several Masters of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft); La Vecchia Religione, known as "the Old Religion,” during a clandestine Midnight Ritual that included specialized Vampiric Sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Invocations. They opened a portal to these exclusive Quaternity Vampires! They bring 4x’s the amazing blessings into your life!

This ring houses 1 Male King Quaternity Vampire and he is Gatekeeper to the portal of the Quaternity Vampire Realm! Thousands of these Vampires will come through the portal to assist you. They will automatically read your hearts desires and bring you what you seek! The King Vampire has a very warm and welcoming energy, and will be eager to form a strong friendship with you. These Vampires are experts at building solid foundations and can help lay the groundwork of positive blessings if you are starting a new project or need to start over in a certain area of your life. They make sure you are on the right path that is filled with opportunities and success, all the while having fun during the process. They can help you find a new career and lead you to the job of your dreams! They magnetically attract wealth and riches so you can succeed at your goals. They are very loyal and hard-working Vampires that want to make sure you are happy and blessed.

These powerful Vampires are strongly connected to the waxing and waning moon energies, influencing all the areas of your life with growth and release. They bring clarity, stability, trust, romance, passion and devotion to your love relationships. They can help you find your Soulmate or spark the flames of lust in your current relationship. You will be surrounded in a dazzling ruby Aura and others will look to you with respect and admiration. You may notice people flirting more with you and/or making eye contact, etc. Blessings of unearthly Vampire attractiveness will envelope you, making you sexy and alluring to others. These Vampires are eager to assist you and bless you with inner wisdom and strength to help make your dreams come true!

Any Vampires you currently have will love to mingle with the Quaternity Vamps, making them all incredibly happy and eager to work together to achieve your goals!

The Vampire King has strong, chiseled features, tousled raven black hair and intense ice- blue eyes. He appears as the photo shown. He has a very strong sexual nature and will enjoy pleasing you physically and bringing orgasmic pleasures as your Spiritual Lover. You do not have to have a sexual relationship with your Vampire; it is purely your choice and he will respect your wishes. He is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit differently from each relationship you have. He wishes to make a true mind/soul connection with you on the deepest of levels and be your trusted companion and confidant.

This breathtaking Ring is composed of 1 large ruby accented with several dazzling white topaz gems, and 4 smaller rubies, set in solid .925 sterling silver accented with gold coloring in an intricately detailed band, Size 7.75. You can see 4 tiny crescent moon shapes from both sides of the ring. You do not have to wear, you can carry with you or simply keep in a special place. Ruby is a wonderfully protective gemstone that forms a buffer against you and negative energy. It helps lessen the effects of psychic attacks and energy vampires (others who drain your energy and leave you feeling mentally exhausted). It fosters strength, leadership, happiness, courage, and determination. It helps with all matters of love and the heart. It removes barriers so that one can move forward on a more positive path.

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