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 Starry 1 Night


Nikola Tesla Magnetic Flux Density Ring & Crystal Set

$2,369.99 $250,000.00


Nikola Tesla

Magnetic Flux


  Ring & Crystal Set

 photo tesla 1_zpsuykbrdd3.jpg

For your consideration is this Magnet Ring, which was Spellcast by the Illuminati with Rare Scientific and Geometric Spell Codes hidden within Tesla’s teachings. The Crystal was owned by Tesla and holds the Magick of Sacred Geometry and Manifestation! With this set, you’ll be able to create the life you’ve always dreamed!

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in what is now Croatia around midnight during a violent lightning storm. The midwife told his mother it was a bad omen and the baby would be a child of darkness. His mother responded with, “No, he will be a child of light!” He grew up to become an eccentric inventor, futurist, visionary and physicist with an eidetic memory (which he credits to his mother genes) and was one of history’s most important inventors. In 1884 he was lured to New York City by Thomas Edison. After being duped by Edison, Tesla started his own company. Edison spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Tesla, convincing others he was a “mad scientist” and not to do business with him. Tesla, however, would not be defeated and continued with his inventions, such as the alternating current, tesla coil, smartphone technology and radio wave transmissions, among many others. Tesla’s eclectic genius was way ahead of his time and he worked with the government in developing secret technology, such as anti-gravity, invisibility cloaking (for ships), time travel and phasing (two separate particles on two planes of existence that are not able to perceive each other but still in the same space/time continuum). He was able to communicate with Extra Terrestrials and derived inspiration and knowledge from space/Mars. He also developed many ideas that were not manifested in his time, such as: radar, x-rays, a particle beam “death ray” and radio astronomy. After he died, the FBI raided his apartment and his private documents were never seen again.

The “Wizard of the West” met his close friend Mark Twain through their gentleman’s club and it was with Twain that Tesla attended a covert Illuminati Ceremony, inducting him into the brotherhood. This is where Tesla received this Crystal, which opens a gateway to Cosmic Wisdom that most humans can’t attain. The golden square shapes within this gemstone are mathematically tied deep into Nature and the Multiverse. Sacred geometry is the building blocks of life itself and you will find it everywhere you look, even within yourself. The unique powers of this gem aligned with Tesla’s mind and provided him amazing insights into the workings of not only our Planet, but Space and Time. It can provide you with incredible visions, prophetic dreams, cosmic wisdom, direction & which path to take, the best choices, advancement, wealth, success, fulfill your life’s purpose, communicate with any type of Spirit, attraction and influence. The Spells imbued into the Magnet Ring uses the Magnetic Flux Density properties to magnetically attract anything to you that you desire from all dimensions – this could be wealth, love, luxuries, psychic power – you name it, it will magnetically align with your personal energies and bring you anything you seek. Based on the building blocks of infinity creation, you can dream up the blueprint of your future and watch as it unfolds before you!

Nikola Tesla is also attached to this Set and he can come through in visions, lucid & prophetic dreams and daydreams with information and guidance for your personal life’s journey. He can bring you fascinating new concepts and approaches towards relationships, or issues you are facing. New opportunities, people and influences will appear before you like never before.

This Ring also sends an invisible magnetic signal to Extraterrestrials, which will draw them to you, entrusting you with their knowledge and leading you to amazing gifts.

You may experience supernatural/paranormal activity with this set; most notably electrical disturbances such as lights, tvs, radios and other appliances turning off/on; there may also be movement and/or levitation of the ring, and sparkling lights around this set. It is apparent that this set has mysterious secret powers we do not even understand.

 photo tesla 2_zpsm9ngkqb3.jpg

Your purchase is for Tesla’s Magnetic Flux Density Ring, Size 8.5 and Crystal. The ring features a magnetic force that is constantly charged through its north and south poles, but you can manually pull them apart temporarily, as the two ends will always attract each other. Wearing magnetic jewelry has tremendous benefits on the human body, which I won’t go into due to how much information is out there, but generally it helps increase metabolism and helps the body to function correctly, at optimum levels. You’ll feel incredible tingles that radiate up your arm when you wear it! The Crystal is a beautiful specimen and contains particles that have been found in Meteorites. It helps connect you to higher frequency energies and increases your intuition. Find a special place in your home for this remarkable Magickal set!

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