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Norwegian Snow Sorceress Ring & Polar Bear Spirit Guide Set

$222.22 $499.99

Norwegian Snow Sorceress

& Polar Bear Spirit Guide

Ancient Norse Magick

From an Occult Norwegian High Master of Seior (Viking Shaman of Norse Magick), I’m honored to offer you this amazing set! It features a ring that houses a powerful Norwegian Snow Sorceress and a polar bear figure that houses a Polar Bear Spirit Guide. This duo has eagerly come forward to teach, guard, guide, heal, bless and help you during your Life’s journey. The unique assistance from these Spiritual Companions provides the supernatural resources to assist you with human issues. It is no coincidence you were brought to this listing today!

This Snow Sorceress practices Seior (Norse Magick) and calls upon all of the Norse Gods & Goddesses, such as Odin, Thor & Freya, to accelerate her Spellwork. She is more than happy to perform any type of Spell for you. She is Clairvoyant and brings blessings through Prophecy & Medicine Work. Her blessings cover large areas, and include: increasing intuition, releasing blockages, wealth & success, beauty & allure, increased intuition, transmutes negativity, reduce stress, love, energy balance, healing, and protection. She opens all gates to wisdom and success so that your opportunities are maximized in this lifetime; be that money, success, finding a career, fulfilling your life’s purpose, finding love, building friendships, etc. She provides you with greater clarity and awareness of the energies that surround you, leaving that which is bad and drawing more good and beneficial people, energies and opportunities into your life. A keeper of extensive Cosmic Knowledge, she can bestow you the wisdom of the Ancients. You will have a stronger intuition, which will lead you directly to the path of incredible blessings!

With a gentle beam of snowy white light, she brings incredible healing, repairing broken DNA and cellular damage, as well as cleansing your Aura and harmonizing all of your Chakras. This gentle yet intense healing will allow the flow of blessings to reach you directly rather than be impeded by negative influences (energies and people). Healing can be profound and on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

She is extremely beautiful with long blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. She will visit you in your dreams and meditations to give you the answers you seek. Her personality is kind, understanding, attentive, generous, patient, trusting, creative and wise.

Her Polar Bear Companion also has many gifts to offer you. He will provide you with strength, endurance, perseverance, motivation, confidence, peace and serenity. Perhaps you’ve lost focus or motivation, or maybe you are starting a new chapter in your life. He will help expand your energies so you have the determination to get what you want. He helps you focus on your goals and gives you the courage to speak your truth. Strong and adaptable, he knows how to find incredible opportunities and overcome obstacles so that amazing things can manifest in your life. He helps you move through challenges with ease and resolve conflicts. If you feel like you have just been going through the motions in life, he reawakens your deep Spiritual self so that you can get back in the game and truly experience the best life has to offer. He has a deeply loving and protective nature.

The vessel of the Snow Sorceress is this beautiful multi-heart ring white topaz, set in sterling silver, Size 9. The polar bear is composed of carved gemstone and measures about 1.25” long by just under an inch tall. No formal ritual required. Find a special place in your home for this charming set!

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