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Sweetheart Angel of Love Blessings Haunted Doll

$89.99 $499.99

Sweetheart Angel


Love Blessings


This Sweetheart Angel brings intense blessings of Love in all areas of your Life! She brings gentle, loving guidance and support. Relationships will blossom as doors you never imagined will thrust open and new people and friendships will pour into your life. Others will be magnetically attracted to the kind and loving energies you exude! She can help you in finding your Soul Mate or increase the passion in your current relationship. She brings deep healing to a broken heart and the strength to move forward, accepting even more and better love into your life. She offers a deep connection to your Higher Self and brings stronger intuition and instincts. She will help release any blockages that are preventing the healthy flow of Universal life force energy throughout your body, mind and Aura. She will help remove unwanted attachments to people who exert a negative influence on you so that your life will improve. As your daily experiences are touched and guided by this Angel, your vibrational frequencies are raised and moved into harmony with all of creation. This Angel is a pure, radiant Deity who will bring you peace, love and light! She will provide you with increased wisdom, guidance, protection, a deeper spiritual understanding, and reveal untold mysteries. She has a multitude of Miracles waiting for you!

She has a loop for hanging, so you can hang her anywhere in your home or office and she will usher in loving, relaxing and peaceful Angelic energies! All within your home will be enveloped in her loving care! No formal ritual required.

She is an exquisite vintage Angel, with a tea-stained ivory lace dress, no body, wooden wings, and holds a puffy heart pillow. She measures about 13” long and 9” wingspan. Can be hung anywhere or can sit on a shelf or desk. You will undoubtedly feel good in her presence!

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