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 Starry 1 Night


Illuminati Male Sorcerer Dragon Alchemical Dragon Cosmos Portal Skull Relic

$1,297.99 $25,000.00

Illuminati Male Sorcerer Dragon

and Alchemical Dragons

of the Cosmos Portal

Skull Relic

This remarkable specimen is from my Occult Associate Drakon, a Master Dragon Conjurer and Elite member of the Sacred “Order of the Dragon.” This Secret Occult Society was founded in 1408 by the King of Hungary and flourished throughout Germany and Italy. This vessel was imbued Centuries ago by the founding member of The Order of the Dragon using Ancient Illuminati Dragon manuscripts. Legend states this is an actual fossilized/crystalized Dragon Skull that was discovered Centuries ago, hidden within a ravine, atop a burned ritual pyre. It has been privately owned by Aristocratic Occult members of the Royal Danish Illuminati Families.

This vessel houses a Male Sorcerer Dragon and is also a portal to some of the World’s Oldest and Most Powerful Dragons, The Alchemical Dragons of the Cosmos. These Dragons bring incredible blessings in all areas. They will transform the lead into gold in all areas of your life! Situations you thought were hopeless or impossible can be reversed in your favor. They are strong protectors against those trying to harm you or impede your progress in any way. They magnetically attract wealth and money to you, which they also love to hoard! These Remarkable Dragons are intuitive and insightful and have a strong connection with higher spiritual guidance. They bring Universal Knowledge, the power of the Cosmos for your Spiritual ascension. They restore tranquility, harmony and stability to relationships in your Life. They open the doors to Universal Wisdom and help you retain knowledge. They will encircle you in a glamorous and sophisticated Aura, so that others will see you in a respective and appreciative light. They will help you make the best possible decisions, Illuminating your way forward on your Earthly path.

Thousands of Alchemical Dragons of the Cosmos will eagerly enter through the Portal to bless your life! Any Dragons you currently “own” will be elated by the welcoming and receptive energies of this vessel and have a fun place to socialize with other Dragons (making them incredibly happy)! In turn, they will also bless your life in countless ways!

The Male Sorcerer Dragon’s personality is: loyal, energetic, observant, wise, confident, skilled and personable. He will enjoy protecting and interacting with his keeper. If you happen to practice Magick, he can make your Spells and Rituals 100x’s stronger, so use his influences with caution.

Paranormal activity has been associated with this vessel and it radiates an electrical/static type energy when you hold it. You may see orbs, mists, sparkling lights, cold spots, levitation, hear scratching or deep breathing, or spectral manifestations of Dragons. They can also give you signs in the form of seeing more Dragon-related imagery, such as on television, the internet, etc.

This gemstone vessel is truly remarkable and I’ve never seen anything like it! It measures about 8” long and 5.5” tall. It weighs a hefty 5 lbs, 13.5 ounces! Find a special place of honor in your home for this priceless relic!

Are you meant to welcome this incredible, one-of-a-kind piece? You will feel strongly called to it and maybe not even know why! It has wondrous blessings just waiting to manifest in your life!

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