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Harry Houdini's Magick Materialization Key from Nikola Tesla

$4,500.00 $250,000.00

Harry Houdini’s

Freemason Illuminati




from Nikola Tesla

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I just received this incredible Key from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. During his Samhuinn Fire Rites Rituals, his Illuminati brethren held a powerful Séance that called forth the Spirit of Harry Houdini! Lord Sinclair was bequeathed this Magick Key decades ago from a distant relative and kept it in his secured location until Samhain/Halloween night, 2018! This was 92 years to the date that Houdini died!

This Key was Cast by the Illuminati Freemasons of New York, of which Tesla and Houdini were members. The Spells are for breaking through obstacles, gaining Cosmic wisdom, psychic insights, spiritual advancements, and gaining fame and fortune. Tesla further utilized his knowledge of quantum physics to create a Scientific aspect of materialization and dematerialization imbued into this Key. This knowledge was taught to him directly from Alien’s who shared their advanced technology.

Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz in Hungary in 1874. He was the son of a Jewish Rabbi with ties to Kabbalistic Magic. His family moved to Wisconsin in 1878 and later in 1887 they moved to New York where he formed a passion for Magic and performed his own Illusions. It was here that he joined the Freemasons and underground Illuminati brotherhood, in which Nikola Tesla was a member. It was common for older Illuminati brothers to mentor the younger entrants. Just as Mark Twain mentored Tesla (21 years his senior), Tesla mentored Houdini (18 years his senior). Tesla had a private bond with Houdini that the public never knew existed. Being born in neighboring Countries and immigrating to America, Tesla was immediately drawn to Houdini. Tesla also attended his Illusionist Acts and created this special Ancient Relic as a Magick Key for him to use in his performances. Tesla was able to communicate with Extra Terrestrials and derive inspiration and knowledge from them. With his advanced knowledge of Physics, he created many supernatural items that we still don’t understand to this day (most of which was confiscated by the government).

This Key will destroy all barriers and obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals. It enhances your life purpose and brings new opportunities and positive influences, making you rich and successful. New people (and entities) will come into your life (as if by Magick) that will help lead you out of any detrimental situation, and help you on the path to prosperity and fortunes! These Spells will open your 3rd eye and Psychic Centers, so you’re better able to receive Cosmic Wisdom and stronger Psychic Insights. Extraterrestrials will be drawn to you and bring you their knowledge. The supernatural materialization/dematerialization aspect to this Key was only able to be utilized by Houdini, which he did in most of his acts. Houdini ousted many fraudulent Spiritualists, which were running rampant at that time, and he had every right to since he was using real Scientific Magick to perform his acts!

During the Séance, Houdini said that this Key will bring something unique to its next keeper! I wonder what blesings it will unlock for you!  You may also be visited by Houdini, Tesla and Mark Twain, who will bestow you with guidance, knowledge and insights.  You will be strongly drawn to this Key and unable to stop thinking about it!  Please do not hesitate to welcome this one-of-a-kind, Museum-quality Relic if it calls to you!

Some really strange happenings occurred when I was preparing this listing! The word “Tesla” would come up on my computer files, when I didn’t type it in! I also tried editing a photo and it disappeared into thin air! It’s obvious this piece will create paranormal phenomenon and contains energy that no human truly fully understands!

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