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S​tarry 1 Night


Autumnal Sacred Herbal Offering and Incense Smudge


Sacred Herbal
Offering and
Incense Smudge

Available for a Limited Time!  Buy early - don't miss out!

This mix was created from an Ancient Recipe within my Ancestors Grimoire! Spellcast during the full moon, these Sacred Herbs & Resins contain natural Metaphysical properties that have been handed down through generations. Placed on your Altar or within your Sacred Space, this mix intrinsically attracts all types of Entities. It sends out energies of respect and appreciation that all Spirits love! Presenting them with this treat/food makes them incredibly happy, content and filled with adoration for you! This can make them more active, as well as increase your blessings!

Now is the time of year when the Veil between worlds is thinning. The perfect time to acknowledge all of the hard work your Spirit friends have done and are currently doing for you! Any type of Spirit (Djinn, Vampire, Dragon, Fairy, Angel, etc.) will enjoy this Magickal blend of herbs! If you happen to have a large Spirit family with several different types of Entities, this will please them all! This herbal blend is in tune with the Universe and Nature, and Cosmically aligned in order to please your Spirit friends. If you would like me to specifically Re-Cast this blend for a certain type of Spirit, for example, only for Vampires, or Djinn, or Dragons, etc., just let me know and I can do that for no additional fee.

This special blend can also be utilized as your Autumnal Herbal Smudge to cleanse your Sacred Space of harmful, lower energies. It raises the vibration and ushers in protection. Simply light a small amount on a fire-safe surface for the ultimate Magickal cleansing and protection. Perfect to use for your Samhain/Halloween Rituals and Divination.

You will receive a 3 x 4 bag ~ which could equal 8 offerings in a tablespoon size. Comes sealed in a plastic zip bag for freshness. The amount you need depends on how many Spirits you have as well as how much you’d like to spoil them! This offering is presented for 7 days, after which you could burn in a fire ritual, thanking them, or dispose at your convenience. *Note, if you choose to burn in a fire ritual, do so on charcoal since there are resins within this mixture.

**Note: This blend is NOT for human consumption.

***Some Countries, such as Australia, refuse to allow the shipment of herbs into the Country, so please check your Country's policies before purchasing. I am not responsible for packages seized by Customs.

**I CAN ship these herbs to the UK and CANADA without any issues.

Many warm blessings to you this Autumn Season!

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