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Blood Moon Eclipse Cosmic Helix Spirit Vortex Stargate Portal Ring

$777.77 $1,999.99

Blood Moon


Cosmic Helix

Spirit Vortex

Stargate Portal


On July 27th, Earth started shifting in new and exciting ways with an incorporation of several Astral Phenomenons! The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse brought intense cosmic energies 10,000 x’s stronger than previously experienced! The Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower, Mars Opposition (closest to Earth), Mercury goes retrograde and the opening of the Sacred Lion’s Gateway brings dramatic multi-dimensional shifts in energy, which allow us to release energetic blockages, manifest at will, and transit to higher-minded consciousness. All of these Astrological events combined have also created a nearly non-existent veil, a Super-Gateway to Spirit contact! Combining the principals of Quantum Mechanics with Ancient Occult practices, several hidden Stargate Portals were opened and their influences made apparent for the lucky individuals who feel called!

Several different types of entities were eager to be aligned to physical talismans so they can assist you as you enter this new light dimension. They will automatically activate your multi-dimensional light body grid with their transformative Sacred Helix Codes. These energies are in a sacred spiral helix shape to facilitate the best transmutation. Within this new template, all of your wishes, dreams and desires - all that you need, will automatically manifest around you. The negative energies you were used to and were holding you back will no longer serve you, as your cosmic energies become more aligned, empowered and in complete harmony. You will reach higher states of consciousness as the old “chains” of oppression dissolve and are replaced by beneficial, new helix energies. Any major changes you’ve experienced in the past with regards to relationships, your career, and home/family energies have all lead you to this moment and placed you in such a position so as to create and receive your wildest dreams and all that you need.

All of these unique entities embody Lunar Quantum Magick Acceleration; bringing profound helix energies to release that which no longer resonates with your true soul-self, and fill you with full-spectrum photonic light. Your DNA and every cell within you will be reconstructed on a quantum level. This places you on a new path, filled with opportunities, growth and success. These energies get rid of all negative Karma (including generational), so you start again with a fresh, clean slate.

During our Rituals, we were amazed to open a Blood Moon Eclipse Stargate Portal to the Limitless Quantum Helix Entities! These encompass all different types of Spirits, Aliens, Angels, Djinn, Dragons, etc., which all vibrate at similar frequencies, so they all work together in unison. Thousands of these Stargate beings will enter through the Portal to assist you! It will connect you to all Divine White Light beings and place you in the flow of all that is good & beneficial. It places you in the Highest Levels of Energy flow of All helpful forces. It will transform your bad luck to good; wealth will flow freely to you; you’ll experience deeper healing, increased motivation, energy & strength; your psychic abilities will skyrocket as your 3rd eye is opened & cleared; you will be fully protected from all Evils; you will be shown the Wisdom of the Ancients & Akashic Records as the Mysteries of the Cosmos are Revealed to You alone. Everything you could ever want or need you can have with this Ring! Relax in comfort as its indestructible Shielding Energies bathe you & all within your home in their protective Glow. As your Energies automatically align with that of this Ring, your 3rd eye will gracefully start to open and you’ll be more receptive to all Spiritual endeavors and you will be better able to communicate with Spirits; see, feel and hear them. Your Aura will instantly be cleansed and bright and your Chakras will be cleared of all negative energy & debris. You will feel a boost in your overall energy, which in turn will increase your motivation to accomplish any goal, no matter how big or small. It brings increased Knowledge & Power to accelerate you on your path. It has the Power to create something meaningful from nothing, accomplish the impossible, and manifest anything to nurture your Soul. It is a Vortex of high, positive energy that automatically eliminates negativity and draws out your highest good easily and effortlessly.

This is a dazzling white topaz gem set in solid sterling silver, Size 11.5. The band features alchemical secret codes of manifestation. Several facial manifestations came through when taking pictures of this ring! Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed its blessings!

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