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Seal of Solomon Sacred Spirit Manifestation Altar

$179.99 $399.99

Seal of Solomon

Sacred Spirit



I Spellcast this gorgeous wooden Altar during the Full & Dark Moons with the Ancient Invocations of my Ancestors! It emits a warm and welcoming vibrational energy that intrigues and attracts all Spirits to it! Placing your Spirited talismans upon the Altar lets them know you have the utmost respect and appreciation for them. This will make them incredibly happy and they will return your thoughtfulness by blessing you immensely!

It is also a Spell Cast Recharging base where they will have a safe place to relax as well as reenergize! It will gently yet effectively dissolve all negative energies they may have picked up and negates the need to place them inside a Recharging pouch.  They will receive a 9x energy power boost, so they can work most efficiently and at their peak levels, as intended. Spellcast items will receive a massive boost in their strength and performance, improving results! For example, place a Spellcast Coin on the Altar and it will boost it to 9x’s its original power! With negative obstacles dissolved, they can now work the best for you.

The Altar features the Illuminati Seal of Solomon, which contains its own vast Magickal powers for your Rituals, Invocations & Spellwork. It automatically reads your desires and empowers them. For example if you are wanting to increase the wealth & riches in your life, simply mentally focus on that when using the Altar. Your wishes are sent through a parallel portal through which manifestation will occur. You can use the Altar for your highest, top level Magickals, down to the simplest of pieces. You can also use it as a base for candles, incense, or as a Sacred place to present offerings for your Spiritual Entities.

Using this Magickal Altar helps in creating your own focused sacred space. This is where you can connect with your Spirit friends, honor your Deities & Ancestors, bless your tools, and be enveloped in Magickal Power! It is a must-have for any Metaphysical Collector or Paranormal Spirit Keeper!

This breathtaking Altar is composed of a solid piece of wood and measures about 7” across and .75” thick. One side features the Seal of Solomon and the other side is unfinished – if you choose, you can decorate or paint that side as you please. **Since these are hand-crafted, please allow for slight variations - the Seal may not be perfectly symmetrical, and it may not be perfectly aligned on the wood.  Nice size so that it can easily be stored or tucked away if you so choose.

**jewelry and other items shown in pictures are for demonstration purposes only and not included. They are all available in my store for purchase.

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