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Cosmic Queen Goddess Ultimate Empowerment Ring

$329.99 $2,499.99

Cosmic Queen

Goddess Spells



This ring is from my associate, Lord Sinclair, and was imbued during a secret auspicious date and time by Illuminati High Queens and Priestesses. By incorporating Ancient Goddess Doctrines and the raw Divine Feminine Power, the ceremony performed and invocations used are some of the most intense and powerful to be conducted. The blessings this Ring imparts will give you potent and direct advantages over all aspects of your life!

The Cosmic Queen Goddess Spells encompass Spiritual and Personal empowerment. Its energies work deep within your feminine cosmic core, awakening your true potential and life purposes. It will align you with the best course of action for you; this could be a manifestation of your dream job/career, especially for those women who want to be in business for themselves. It brings a multitude of fresh, creative ideas, and opens the door to advantageous new opportunities so you have an abundance of beneficial choices. Your dreams and goals will be well within reach as you succeed in all aspects of your life. You will eagerly take the position of going after and getting what you want out of life (unlike 95% of the other people on Earth), as you are ready to take risks and embrace all of the abundance and prosperity life has to offer you! You will no longer be under the thumb of male centered ego, downcast or rule; and will blaze your own, new successful path. These Spells put an abrupt and immediate stop to your enemies and those trying to harm you. They keep you in a safe haven of protection from all Evils.

You will reconnect with your Spiritual Goddess, the woman who walks between worlds and gains valuable Ancient and Universal knowledge. She is not about drama, fear or jealousy for she knows other women who prosper gives all women worth in a man-dominated culture and benefits the World as a whole.

Through Gaia forces, she reconnects with her caring, nurturing self, knowing the divine and unmatched power of feminine love and healing. She awakens to the beauty of nature and all of its creatures, and in loving animals is deeply rooted to her Spiritual center. She embraces all stages of her cycles. A warrior when she needs to be, she makes no apologies for who she is or what she believes, rather she is deeply revered for her kindness, openness, wisdom and generosity.

You will be enveloped in power, beauty and respect as others look to you for admiration and attention. The harmonizing energies bring out your true inner Goddess and others will be magnetically drawn to you and want to make you happy. With these Spells, sexiness and allure bring strong and positive men into your life and you can choose who best suits your needs. These Spells awaken your true Nature of the Goddess Queen, placing you on top of all ventures in your life.

It is time to seize this opportunity; if you are a woman that thinks, “once I have this or that, then I will pursue my goals,” stop delaying your true passions and make the commitment to go after what you want, today!

There is no formal ritual required. The powers of this Ring will automatically align with your Aura/Spiritual Energy on a Soul Level, and bring you exactly what you desire.

This Ring features a carefree Goddess dancing within the Cosmos, among 2 floating rubies, set in sterling silver, Size 6. The band is open, so it could be slightly bent to conform to a 7. It does not have to be worn to benefit as simply owning brings you its miraculous gifts. The 2 Rubies represent the powers of Spiritual and Personal Empowerment and all of the blessings they will bring you. Rubies are some of the most powerful gems in the Universe. To own a ruby is to have contentment and peace. Placed under a pillow the ruby wards off bad dreams. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty.

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