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The Golden Ouroboros Alchemical Magick Infinite Regeneration Ring

$777.77 $2,999.99

The Golden


Alchemical Magick



This ring is from my associate, Lord Sinclair, and imbued during a secret auspicious date and time by an Illuminati King Magus and 33 Degree Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Scottish Rite. By incorporating Ancient Gnostic Doctrines and Hermetic Principals, the ceremony performed and invocations used are some of the most intense and powerful to be conducted; and never witnessed by the general public. The blessings this Ring imparts will give you potent and direct advantages over all aspects of your life!

The Ouroboros is an Ancient Religious and Alchemical Occult symbol of a Serpent eating its own tail in an infinite circle. The powers imbued into this ring bring transformation into something greater; being the ultimate best you can be in this lifetime. It opens doorways you never thought imaginable and will create a happier life for you. It will abolish all harmful or negative influences that are affecting you currently, and block evils or curses trying to affect you. Prosperity and riches are magnetically drawn into the infinite circle, so your wealth is never-ending and continually replenishing itself. It ushers in true love and helps you find your heart’s match Soul Mate.

This Ring brings profound Universal Wisdom, Primordial Unity, Connecting you with Past Lives, and Personal Enlightenment as it deepens your Spiritual understanding. As Above, So Below, it brings insights to Immortality and shifts dimensions, bringing Heaven to Earth and greater awareness; raising your Spiritual frequency/vibrations to the highest states of human Ascension. This not only boosts your Psychic Abilities, but also allows you a deeper connection to the Spiritual Realms. The Golden Ouroboros Spells influence the perpetual cycle of life and infinity, bringing you radiant beauty, energy, strength and youthfulness in mind & body. Others will be hypnotically drawn to your energy; look up to you with respect and you will hold a deeply significant place in the lives of others.

It breaks any hereditary downward cycles of oppression and lack, transforming your fate to one of lavish luxuries. These powerful blessings will Alchemically transform the lead to Gold in your life; surrounding you with an endless and inextinguishable force of positivity and blessing the lives of those you touch.

There is no formal ritual required. The magnificent powers of this Ring will automatically align with your Aura/Spiritual Energy on a Soul Level, and bring you exactly what you desire.

This Ring features an Ouroboros Serpent with green eyes and 3 sparkling gems on its head, composed of gold plated sterling silver, Size 9. It does not have to be worn to benefit as simply owning brings you its miraculous gifts.

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