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Grace of the Sea of Galilee King Djinn Ring

$979.99 $1,799.99


Grace of the
Sea of Galilee
King Djinn Ring

This Exquisite Royal Djinn was conjured by my associate, expert Djinn Conjurer Maantefin, along with 2 Holy Men, through divine invocations hidden within Ancient Biblical Scriptures. This Ring was ceremonially blessed and consecrated directly in the waters of the Sea of Galilee and holds tremendous Holy Power!

This confident Djinn King works closely under Gods command and is aligned with all of the supernatural gifts Jesus performed at the Sea of Galilee, including, walking on water, calming the storm and miraculously catching a never-ending supply of fish. Jesus is the Ultimate provider and shows us extraordinary things can be accomplished by trusting in God! So too does this Djinn tap into the grace and essence of these miracles by performing personalized miracles in your life that are meant for you alone! These include helping you find or ignite love & passion in your life, bestow vast fortunes & riches, bring peace & harmony throughout all areas of your life, increase favor between you and others-having them see you in a respectable new light, and so much more that will be unique to you. Any wish or desire you have, no matter how difficult it may seem, please share it with him so he can manifest it for you or bring resolution!

He clears away all lower spirits and energies from within and around you, and infuses you with his Divine Healing light. He opens your psychic centers so you’re able to connect and communicate with all types of spiritual entities. He brings powerful protection and will repel Demons, Evil Spirits, Black Magick and all enemies trying to thwart your efforts. Obstacles will be obliterated, so you can move more quickly towards your goals.

Like the refreshing waters of the Sea of Galilee, so too will he wash away impurities, past mistakes, and any negative familial or personal Karma that may be affecting you. He brings deep heavenly healing at a cellular level, enveloping all of your bodies; Spiritual, Physical, & Emotional. This is a very enthusiastic Djinn with limitless optimism. He is a constant and steady companion, advisor and guide. All of this and so much more await you with this amazing Djinn!

He can manifest as a handsome man with long dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His personality is incredibly loving, kind, understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental and forgiving. He will get along wonderfully with all other Spirits in your collection.

He is housed in this breathtaking Sea of Galilee Ring with a blue agate stone that looks like waves with the heart of Jesus accents on each side of the band, set in .925 sterling silver, Size 9.5. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed his sacred blessings.

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