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King Arthur's Crown Ring of Royalty

$1,111.11 $4,999.99


King Arthur’s


Ring of Royalty

This fascinating Ring has been released from the Private Collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It was imbued several years ago in covert Illuminati Ceremonies of the Sinclair Sect and blessed within the ruins of Tintagel Castle. These powerful ceremonies utilized the secret Spell Codes of Merlin the Magician. It has been utilized exclusively within the British Royal Families. This Ring will automatically align with its owner and bring him or her Reign over their own Kingdom!

The Crown of Arthur Ring gives you Mastery over all areas of your life! It will give you the leading edge in all matters relating to Career Success; if you are seeking a new position or want to change your field of study altogether, this Ring helps make those connections possible. You can manifest the Career of your Dreams and live the prosperous life you’ve always dreamed! Others will look to you with admiration and respect as your Aura radiates confidence. Friends, family, co-workers, bosses, lovers. . . .all will be “under your Spell” as they listen intently to what you wish and go above and beyond to make you happy. New friendships, romantic relationships and incredible opportunities will mysteriously present themselves to you. Wealth and riches will be magnetically drawn to you and your bank account will grow to extreme proportions. This Ring also blocks attacks from your enemies, stops curses and psychic attacks or anyone trying to do you harm. Evil Spirits, Demons and all malevolent forces are repelled by this Ring and will not go near you. You will be enveloped in a cloak of Protection once this Ring is in your possession. This Ring also brings blessings in areas of beauty and attractiveness; turning back the aging clock and giving you a youthful glow. You will have more energy to pursue your passions and enjoy life to the fullest!

It has been reported that King Arthur visits the keeper of this Ring and bestows him or her Ancient Wisdom, Supernatural Powers and Occult Secrets!

Are you meant to be next keeper to this exceedingly rare Magick Ring? You will feel a strong attraction to it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it! It has special gifts meant for you alone!

This breathtaking Crown Ring is composed of sterling silver, set with a dark Royal Purple gemstone, Size 7. Wear, carry with you, or keep someplace special to be bestowed its extraordinary blessings.

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