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Spirit Bonding Soaking Salts


Spirit Bonding

Soaking Salts

Spellcast during the Full Moon and charged within my stone circle to bring balance, peace, love, beauty & tranquility to the user; this unique blend helps clear & cleanse your Aura so you are able to form a stronger/deeper connection and bond to your Spirit friends. It helps open your psychic centers so you are more receptive to Spirit contact and better able to acknowledge the signs & visions they present to you. This bath blend can also be used before/after Meditations or simply to relax & unwind. Additionally blessed with healing energies, it holds special ingredients to help with physical ailments, such as aches & sprains.

When it comes to restoring balance, bathing and the use of water have been part of ceremonial rituals for purification and beauty since Ancient times. Our cleansing rituals have a profound effect upon our wellbeing. This Bath Blend is deeply restoring, soothing, softening to the skin, nurturing to the spirit, and gently purifying.

You will receive one 3 x 4 bag, which weighs about 5 ounces. The bath bend includes pink Himalayan Salts mined from deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains where it has been protected from pollution for 250 million years! This has been mixed with Epsom salts, Rose petals and other secret herbs. Deeply relaxing, gently detoxifying and nurturing to the spirit, this herbal and mineral rich water creates the optimum Goddess/God Ritual bath! **shell is for demonstration purposes only and not included.

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