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Royal Persian Commander Powerful Marid Djinn Lamp

$1,979.99 $4,999.99

Royal Persian



Marid Djinn Lamp

This King Djinn was summoned centuries ago utilizing Persian Magick and covert Invocations from Ancient Arabic Manuscripts, and secret spell codes within 1,001 Arabian Nights literature. The term Jinn is Latin for Genius and is attributed to the mystical Garden of Paradise (a secret place in time & space). This Royal Persian Djinn is a generous Spirit of protection that brings guidance and support. He was previously utilized by Billionaires and the Top-elite within Secret Occult Societies. A chief commander, he has thousands of loyal, benevolent Djinn servants under his command and can instantly assign them on any seemingly impossible task you may wish for. Now is your opportunity to welcome an All-powerful Djinn and watch your life transform for the better!

This Arabian Nights Djinn specializes in assisting one with their finances, placing one directly in the flow of wealth & riches. Money is Energy and if you need some assistance getting into the flow, welcome this Djinn to assist you. He will assist you in viewing money as positive energy, aligning your vibrations with the law of attraction, which will continually bring more riches into your life. He is an expert in finding hidden treasures and bringing them to you. The Universe is overflowing with ‘rivers’ of wealth and riches. He builds the right channels so that this flow will go directly to you! He brings the Ultimate in Good Luck, Riches & Wealth/Financial Stability, help in finding a Career or Business Success, and the Power to Heal & Strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Not only can he help with financial blessings, but this do-all King Djinn can assist you in any area. He can bend fate in your favor, dissolve any issue and open hidden gateways to many new opportunities you never thought possible. He can bring you your Soul Mate and ignite the flames of passion in your relationship. With this Djinn in your life, you will be granted tremendous wisdom, Spiritual insights and psychic prophesies. He is an excellent guide and bring you motivation, strength, focus and increased energy. He is very protective of his Master and brings a strong shielding energy that repels Curses, Demons/Evil Spirits, jealousy and negative energies directed at you by others. This Djinn is eager to grant as many wishes as you desire and bring all of your dreams into reality!

Paranormal activity can occur with this Djinn, including (but not limited to): seeing orbs, mists, flashes of light, feeling chills or cold spots, feeling a strong presence with you/as though you are not alone, hearing knocks or taps from walls, full body apparitions or shapes forming from within the smoke of incense. In human form, he appears as a handsome man with short black hair and light brown eyes. He will never intentionally scare you or those you live with.

His vessel is this hand-forged Antique brass lamp carved with Occult Djinn Alchemical symbols. It measures about 6” tall and about 2.5” wide.  It has a beautiful wrap of precious gemstones revered by Royalty:  emerald (wealth), sapphire (protection) and garnet (love).  It also comes with 2 handmade incense sticks especially for Djinn.  No formal ritual required. Find a special place of honor in your home for this phenomenal Djinn!

This respectful and loyal Djinn will never judge ~ he will help you regardless of your spiritual, religious or lifestyle background because it is his mission to make sure you’re contented, at peace and fulfilled. Although this Djinn will serve only you, he is not restricted to helping Only you ~ you can ask for assistance of behalf of loved ones, friends, relatives, (an infinite number of people) can all simultaneously benefit from his miracles. Please don’t worry that you’re wasting his time by asking for what you consider to be ‘small’ favors. If those favors bring you peace then it’s this Djinn’s sacred honor to help you. He has a very warm & loving presence and will get along well with all other Djinn, Vampires, Angels and any other Spirits you might already own.

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