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Masters of Ancient Wisdom Shamballa Spells of Infinite Blessings Helena Blavatsky Ring

$4,444.44 $50,000.00


Masters of Ancient


Shamballa Spells

Infinite Blessings

Helena Blavatsky

From the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, I’m honored to present this captivating Magick Ring, which was originally owned by Russian Occult Mystic, Helena Blavatsky.

The Mystical Shamballa (Shambhala) Ring of Infinite Blessings was imbued Centuries ago during covert ceremonies held high in the Himalayan Mountain Range by Seven Tibetan Occult Monks. Their ceremonies included the Ring being temporarily buried in a Sacred location and prayed over with powerful  Shamballa Mantras. These Monks retain Siddhi Supernatural Abilities, such as; levitation, transforming substances, tolerance to fire & ice, telepathy, knowing of all past & future lives, teleportation, and manifesting anything he desires. The Tibetan Monks credit their Wisdom and Super-human Abilities to Angelic Extra-Terrestrial type beings known as the Masters of Ancient Wisdom. These beings shared their secrets to Universal knowledge and infinite manifestation with the Monks to bless the lives of the “awakened.” When Helena was in Tibet, she was gifted this Ring by the Monks. She started the Esoteric Sciences (Philosophy/Theosophy; which means “Divine Wisdom” ) and shared great Spiritual teachings based on the messages she received from this Ring.

The Masters described their home of Shamballa (Shambhala); the Mystical Kingdom of Love & Light. A place where deep heeling occurs and the human Soul is awakened & illuminated. This Ring brings you the countless blessings from the Masters of Ancient Wisdom. They perfectly align with your Soul and automatically open the doors to advancement; divinely placing you directly on the path to new opportunities, relationships, success & wealth and ultimate happiness. All areas of your life will advance dramatically. Not only will it help you, you can also access the Ring’s power to improve the lives of your loved ones as well.

There is no limit to what this Ring can do for you!

This vintage Ring features Occult Sigils and is composed of unknown metals. It still retains some of the Sacred Earth from the ceremonies in the Himalayan Mountains! Size 8. Daily wearing is not recommended for this Museum-quality Relic. Please keep in a special place in your home or business.

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