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S​tarry 1 Night


Dragon of the 10 Moons Knights Templar Merlin Ring

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Dragon of the 10 Moons

Knights Templar Merlin
Merlin Ambrosius (Myrddin Emrys in Welsh) was Confidant & Spiritual advisor to King Arthur, British leader of the late 5th and early 6th Centuries. Merlin’s unparalleled Magick allowed King Arthur and the Knights to accomplish hundreds of Miraculous feats! Merlin knew Alchemical & Spiritual Magick that no other Wizard in history has been able to accomplish. He summoned some of the most powerful Entities in Existence! This Female Dragon is from Merlin’s Mystical Cave which is the Secret home to thousands of remarkable Dragons! I’m humbly honored to be able to present this Talisman based on the teachings and secret doctrines of Merlin known only to the known only to the Scottish Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar and exclusive to Starry1Night. Utilized by underground members of the Knights Templar and Illuminati, the Dragon of the 10 Moons brings guidance, direction, support, healing, riches and wisdom.

Strongly connected to Lunar Energy, this Female Dragon brings you enhanced: balance, renewal, intuition, perception and illumination. She can bring your past lives into the light, and bestow Ancient Universal Wisdom. She will help calm and balance, emotions and bring profound Spiritual growth. Gently encouraging, she will tap into and teach you the natural rhythms of your life, making you more aware of yourself and the intentions of those around you.

She will bring guidance, inspiration and motivation while assisting you with all aspects of your Spiritual journey; physical, emotional, and Spiritual. She will envelop you with an impenetrable shield of protection, keeping all negative Evil Spirits and influences at bay. She is an impressive wish-granter and is eager to manifest your dreams ~ her main goal is to see you happy!

She will open the gates of wealth and financial blessings so these will flow directly to you. She will demolish all obstacles that may be holding you back. She was taught a special type of Sorcery by Merlin, and can use this Magick to effectively change your life for the better. This Wise Dragon will open doors to new opportunities for you; leading you to new friendships, relationships and personal success!

She manifests in spectral form as a Western-looking Dragon, with 2 huge wings and a large body with soft, shimmering scales. Her scales are sparkling white with a dark blue underbelly. This Dragon is larger than Life & Manifests blessings on a Grand Scale! She will never harm you or your loved ones and she has a very friendly disposition.

This Ring will also connect you to Merlin the Magician and she has been known to manifest in spectral form; as well as manifest alongside your Dragon.

This Ring has also been imbued with Multiple Spells from Merlin’s Secret Doctrines, including:
Riches, Prosperity & Wealth
Career/Business Success
Ultimate Good Luck
Joy & Motivation
True Love Commitment
Enhance your Attractiveness & Reputation
Supreme Protection against Evil Spirits & Hexes
Enhances your Psychic Abilities & Intuition
3rd Eye Opening/Spirit Communication

Her vessel is this gorgeous ring featuring 10 moonstone gems , size 7 set in solid .925 sterling silver. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her blessings. Moonstone naturally brings inherent Metaphysical properties to bless your life! It graces you with good fortune, assists in foretelling the future, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, brings success in love as well as business matters and offers protection on land and at sea. Moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is during the Full Moon. Many people who work with Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal Balls, Medicine Cards or any other type of divining tool, gain powerful assistance with Moonstone to heighten intuition and perceptions while working with them. Moonstone fosters happiness, gracefulness, friendships, good fortune, hope, Spiritual insight, new beginnings, adjusting to changes, abundance & Ancient wisdom.

If you are meant to be Keeper to this amazing Dragon & blessed by the Spells of Merlin, you will feel a strong attraction to this ring and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Brightest blessings! ~xo

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