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Ring of Cosmic Emanations Illuminati Founder Adam Weishaupt

$4,799.99 $379,000.00

Ring of Cosmic


Illuminati Founder

Adam Weishaupt

This exceptional Ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and holds incredible power. It was owned by German Philosopher, (Johann) Adam Weishaupt. He was originally a Freemason, but quickly realized no one in the society understood the true meaning of the Occult Rituals in which they partook. He then decided he would create his own powerful Occult Organization, the “Ordo Illuminati Bavarensis," which is known today as simply, the Illuminait. Weishaupt imbued this Ring with original Sacred Spell Codes known only to him & his Illuminati brethren. These Rituals utilized Secret Spell Codes of Cosmic Emanations, which were Prophetically revealed to Weishaupt during visions & dreams. This Ring is a cherished relic and highly coveted Occult piece ~ not something I’m typically able to offer to the general public!

Weishaupt was a master at decoding the Secrets of the Universe and he siphoned this knowledge and energy into this ring to be a Conduit of Cosmic Emanations. It is connected to the invisible forces of the Cosmos which connects everything to you and you to everything. All manifestations from the powers of this ring originate from a series of descending blessings from the Godhead through particulate space matter into your physical realm. It utilizes Quantum Pythagorean Magick, which seeks to bind the energies of auspicious numbers and alignments, which results in the tangible products of your desires. As above so below. Anything you think, anything you desire, automatically goes through the Cosmic Emanations and will return back to you, once manifested! There are no blockages or obstacles within this process, all pathways are clear with astounding energy. Anything you desire can be yours! There are no limits, no judgements, no inhibitions. The power of the Universe is literally at your fingertips!

There are more astounding Magickal Secret attributes to this Ring that I’m only allowed to disclose to the next keeper.

This Ring is an Ancient Relic, owned by Adam Weishaupt and composed of a mix of Alchemical metals. It features the Alchemical arrangement of Ancient Pythagorean triangular numbers (3 dots) in each corner, and a center Cosmic star featuring the Ancient symbol of a circle with a dot in the center, representing the Egyptian Sun God Ra. These are Secret Occult Codes that further manifests the powers of this Ring. Size 8.5 You do not have to wear to be bestowed its blessings, rather keeping this relic in a special place is recommended due to its age.

If you feel this Ring is meant for you, do not hesitate in making your purchase. It is one-of-a-kind and perhaps the Most Powerful piece you’ll ever own!

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