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Illuminati Angels of the Elysian Fields Holy Water Font & Ring Set

$777.77 $4,500.00

Illuminati Angels of


Elysian Fields

Holy Water Font

& Ring Set

This captivating set is from my associate, Lord Sinclair, and has been kept a closely guarded secret. Several Apostolic Bishops utilized this set to confidentially bless the lives of thousands. It has been blessed and consecrated in countless Holy Ceremonies. It was imbued decades ago by several Illuminati Spiritual Prophets with Ancient Secret Bible Codes to manifest Divine Blessings in your life! This includes wealth, success, love, health, protection, psychic illumination and anything you wish. The energies of these vessels will automatically align with yours to bring you your true hearts desires. They are a portal through which the Angels of the Elysian Fields come through to bring you their remarkable blessings!

These Angels have come to let you know through the Energy of Harmony that you are on track and have the full backing of the Universe behind you! Harmony happens because we are being reminded that everything and everyone is connected at a deep level and consciously or unconsciously everything and everyone is working together to bring us the support and guidance we need at this time. Trust in these Angels and you will find yourself being led directly to all the wonderful things that life has to offer far more easily than before. Like a vast field, filled with abundance, so too can you have anything you desire! Contentment occurs as a warm feeling from these loving Angels saying that your desires are superb and you are worthy of having them fulfilled. These Angels will bring you messages of hope and happiness!

These Angels are a force of light working specifically for you on behalf of God’s will. They will help guide & protect you, deliver messages and connect you with the Angelic Realms. You will be able to bless not only your life, but the lives of those you love as well. Be prepared for miracles once you welcome this set into your life!

This multi-functional piece can be used as a wishing vessel; write down or mentally imbue your wishes inside the Font for the Elysian Angels to bring you their Divine blessings. You could also place offerings inside or place talismans inside for heavenly Metaphysical cleansing & restoration.

Spring water poured into the Fonts chamber is supernaturally transformed into a Magick Elixir, charged with Divine Energy directly from the Elysian Angels! There are many Powerful things this Holy Water can do, such as:

*Dab a little around the doorways of your home or office to cleanse & protect it from Evil Spirits & Negative Energy

*Dab on yourself to protect yourself from the Evil Eye & Negative Energy

* Dab on your face and/or body for a more youthful glow or personal blessing of your choice

*Dab on the body for divine healing and deep cellular restoration
*Dab on pets for any special blessing of your choice
*Dab on your 3rd eye to open & cleanse it as well as give prophetic, lucid and enlightening dreams
*Dab a little on your wallet or purse and watch your Finances Increase Exponentially!
*The uses are endless for what you choose to do with this Holy Potion!

Paranormal activity has been associated with this set, such as seeing orbs, mists, levitation, twinkling lights and has been known to give off a luminous glow.

The Angels of the Elysian Fields were co-bound to both the vintage Font & Ring. You can place the Font someplace special and carry the ring with you or do as you wish. The Font is composed of resin and stamped “ITALY 5625” on the back. It has a small hoop for hanging and measures about 7” tall. The Ring is composed of unknown metals with a golden stone, Size 8. You will treasure having this unique set in your life!

All pertinent information will accompany your set! Thank you for your consideration! Heavenly blessings!

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