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Dragon's Hoard of Happiness Spellcast Earrings


Dragon’s Hoard of Happiness Spellcast Earrings

Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors, I imbued these beautiful earrings with the Dragon’s Hoard of Happiness Spells! These Spells will automatically align with the Aura of the wearer/bearer, dissolving negative & stagnant energies and replacing it with greater joy, optimism, courage, self-confidence, strength, motivation, intuition, laughter and a positive outlook. Your sense of mundane reality will shift to one where the future looks brighter and anything is possible! These Spells also bring good luck, riches, new friendships, deeper relationships and abundance in all forms. They surround you with a dark blue Aura of protection from negative people, energies, and malevolent Spirits. These Spells also send your heart's desires to the Universal Blue Dragons in the Cosmos for manifestation of your deepest wishes.  

No formal ritual required. Simply wear, carry with your or keep someplace special to enjoy these blessings!

The earrings are hypoallergenic stainless steel dragon claws clutching a dark blue cz gem and tiny hearts hidden in the setting. Also makes a lovely gift for the Dragon-lover in your life! I only have a few available!

Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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