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Holy Moon Angels of the Superior Order Illuminati Ring

$1,499.99 $2,499.99

Holy Moon Angels

of the Superior Order

Illuminati Portal Ring
 photo angel 97 M_zpsuxdmsb9v.jpg

This Ring was imbued Centuries ago by several Major Archbishop Members of the Sinclair Sect of the Illuminati. They placed powerful prayers & blessings upon this Ring, so that whoever owned it would reap its mystical rewards. Utilizing the Ancient Biblical Codes of King Solomon, they summoned the Holy Moon Angels of the Superior Order and imbued it with Spells of Solomon’s Pentacles of the Moon. This Ring has been at the center of thousands of Divine Rituals and it's filled with Heavenly energy.  It is a Portal for the Holy Moon Angels to effortlessly come through to envelop you in their blessings. Nothing evil can ever come through. These Rare Angels are some of the most powerful available!

The Holy Moon Angels of the Superior Order are eager to Illuminate your Path. They will enter through the Portal and be right beside you, whispering wisdom so that you may proceed without apprehension. If you’ve been needing guidance or insight into Spiritual Wisdom or Direction, or not sure what to believe, this is the Ring for you! They will help you feel refreshed and revitalized! They bring blessings of healing, support for a wounded heart, encouragement for those “off” days, increased beauty, allure and self-confidence. These versatile Angels also bring you good luck, money and wealth drawing, enduring love, restful sleep, relaxation, happiness and a deep inner peace. They kick-start new beginnings on a positive path, keeping you divinely guided with their protection. All you seek can come to you! You’ll feel such comfort in knowing you have this massive Divine Spiritual team of Angels working “behind the scenes” for you!

The Spells of Solomon’s Pentacles of the Moon will automatically bless you with:

*Assistance with Invocation of Lunar Spirits and unlocks all doors no matter how securely they are sealed.

*Brings protection against all perils and dangers by water; also stops Spirits from causing excess rain, flooding and other natural disasters.

*Brings protection during journeys, invasive attacks by night and every kind of danger and peril by water.

*Protection from all Evil Sources and from injuries to the soul or body.

*Archangel Jophiel will reveal the knowledge of all, including the virtues of herbs and stones.

*Brings prophetic dreams and reveals answers during dreamtime.

*Brings destruction of enemies and protection from the Evils of the night.

No formal ritual required. The Angels & Spells will automatically align with your Aura and take inventory of your life to bring you your greatest blessings! Transform your life to the happiest you've ever known!  This Ring also works on behalf of your loved ones!

This Ancient Ring features a glowing white stone (agate with ribbons of gold) set in a base metal band, size 8. There is an opening in the band so it can be gently bent to a smaller size. Does not have to be worn to benefit. Consider yourself blessed to welcome this immensely powerful Ring!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Angelic Blessings! ~xo

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