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Bermuda Triangle Alien Intelligence UFO Paranormal Illuminati Ring

$1,113.13 $3,333.33

Bermuda Triangle Alien

Intelligence UFO

Paranormal Illuminati Ring

The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil's Triangle) is a region in the Atlantic Ocean in which countless aircraft and ships have disappeared without explanation. Scientists have discovered interesting formation on the seafloor within its boundaries. Several people have theories regarding this mysterious location, but its paranormal influences are undeniable.


This Ring was created decades ago by an Illuminati Member who experienced a UFO abduction while traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. As he recounts, the ship he was on encountered an abrupt storm with huge white waves that seemed to swallow the vessel. The next thing he knew, he was onboard an Alien Spacecraft and was being shown remarkable things by the Alien Commander. He was given explicit instructions by the Aliens on how to create this Ring of Occult power. They taught him otherworldly Spells and how to effectively imbue them into this ring. He awoke, unscathed, on the shores of Southern Florida, eager to create this phenomenal ring!

His Illuminati Brethren gathered and performed one of their most intense ceremonies. Following the guidelines set forth by the Alien Commander, this Ring holds the keys to the Universal Codes of Creation and Destruction. With it, you will be able to Create the Life you’ve always dreamed, be that an influx in wealth, success, relationships, good health, psychic abilities, or anything you’ve always wanted. It brings Psychic blessings of Telepathy, 3rd Eye Opening, OBEs/Astral Travel, Invisibility, Teleportation and reveals Alien Knowledge unknown to but a few humans. The Aliens have been known to come through this Ring in dreams, visions, daydreams and meditation to bestow you their gifts of wisdom, bring transcendental healing, help you explore other realms & dimensions and reveal the secrets of the Universe. The Destruction aspects will assist you in getting rid of all the negative influences that surround you; it brings Protection from all Evils and disorients your nemesis or those who are out to destroy you. Negative people or situations will resolve themselves and justice will be yours. Abolishing the negative is very important to allowing your positive blessings an open doorway to enter your life; filling those voids with productive new energies, people, situations and opportunities.

The following Paranormal activity has occurred with this Ring, so you may or may not experience any of the following: seeing orbs, sparkling lights or mists around the ring, feeling cold temperatures near it or the ring feeling cold upon wearing, the ring moving position or vibrating, the ring moving location (from one room to another), the ring levitating, or a tingling sensation upon wearing or touching. It is perfectly safe to welcome into a family environment.

You need no special abilities to welcome this phenomenal ring. It will automatically align with the Aura of whomever owns it and bring them unique personal blessings. If you continually think about this listing (and perhaps you’re not even sure why), do not hesitate in making your purchase! It has something special in store for you! There is only 1 Ring like it in the World!

This Ring is truly a mystery with an unknown type of pyramid-shaped gemstone set in an unknown type of metal band, Size 9.5. It is said that the Aliens provided or instructed where to find the materials used. This unique merging of this particular gem & metal has created a supernatural force unlike any other! You do not have to wear to experience its blessings. This is one remarkable Ring you will treasure for a lifetime!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Brightest blessings! ~xo

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