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Merovingian Kings Bloodline Wealth & Wisdom Cuff Illuminati

$1,499.99 $3,999.99


3 Secret Societies

Immense Spells of Power!


This incredibly Rare Vessel is from my Associate, Lord Sinclair. It was imbued in 13 Cloak-and-dagger Ceremonies involving 3 Powerful Organizations:


The Illuminati

The Skull & Bones

The Freemasons

Top Leaders from each of these powerful Sects performed 13 intense Dark Moon Ceremonies with this Cuff, imbuing it with secret Wealth & Wisdom Codes of the Merovingian Kings. These Exclusive Spells are known only by the Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar and cannot be duplicated. They have been hidden for Centuries and transcribed directly from a secret chamber in France. The Merovingian Kings are directly bloodlines to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their Secret talismans are highly coveted. These Wealth Spells work on all levels to draw countless riches and luxuries from all sources. Your wealth will build upon itself, allowing you to not only receive all you desire, but the resources to help others and organizations you feel worthy. Any previous obstacles to obtaining wealth will be obliterated. The Wisdom Spells bless you with the knowledge to make the right decisions in life, leading you on the path to happiness and success. Ancient Universal wisdom will automatically be downloaded into your subconscious so you can take the right steps and led to massive opportunities. This piece will improve your life in ways you’ve never imagined!

The Spells imbued into this Cuff include:


Extreme Fortune & Riches
Maximum Business Success
Respect and Admiration
Mental and physical capabilities to overcome all adversity
Makes you more Confident & more sure of yourself
Protection from All things Evil & Malicious
Astral Travel to Past Lives and Parallel Dimensions
Directs you to your true path in life
Allows you to quickly adapt to new situations
Conquer all challenges
Sharper Instincts to make the wisest decisions
Envelopes you in an Aura of Strength and Intelligence
Enhances your own Magickal Talents
3rd Eye Openness/ the Ability to Speak with All Spirits
Enhanced Clairvoyance, Instincts, Precognition and Telepathy
Overall Happiness

Crafted with great care & attention to detail, this large Cuff features intricate Esoteric symbols of manifestation set in silver with turquoise and red coral accents. Two black and white evil eye beads at the ends keep jealousy and negative energies away from you. It measures about 6.5” long, with about an inch opening. This is one you will cherish!

This Cuff’s Energy draws you to it like a magnet! Place it in prominent view and expect people to ask you about it! Wear, carry with you or choose a special place of honor in your home. You do not have to have any special skill or ability; you will automatically be bestowed its Magickal blessings.

This Cuff is nothing short of spectacular! Is it meant for you? You won’t be able to get this listing out of your mind! You may not even understand why you are so drawn to it! Your intense attraction to this listing means you have already made a Soul connection and it has special blessings in store for you!

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