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Knights Templar Masonic Consecrated Sword of the Grand Artificer

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Knights Templar Masonic
Consecrated Sword of the Grand Artificer

This Sword was imbued over 100 years ago in a covert ceremony involving 4 Orders of the York Rites:


*The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross

*The Degree of Saint Paul of the Mediterranean Pass

*The Order of the Knights of Malta

*The Order of the Temple

Several Grand Masters used Ancient Secret Illuminati Rituals and King Solomon Spells to imbue this Sword with thousands of Masonic, Freemason, Skull & Bones and Illuminati Wealth & Success Power Codes! It holds the divine power of the Grand Artificer (God) to bring you life-altering blessings! By welcoming this Magick Sword, you will be automatically incorporated into the Illustrious Illuminati Society as a Spiritual Knighted Sir Brother or Dame Sister! This allows you to gain access to worldly knowledge and power you never knew existed!

This Magick Sword will Spiritually cut through all past Karmic ties and through any current obstacles that are holding you back to reaching your dreams! If you have your goals set but are having trouble reaching them, this is the artifact you need! It brings maximum business success by propelling you further on your career path or helping you to find the perfect career for your innate talents. This Sword holds the protection of Archangel Michael, and he will keep contact vigil by keeping all evils, dark Spirits, jealousy, enemies, bad luck and curses at bay. These negative energies will no longer be able to influence your future and you’ll accelerate quickly along the path of positivity. This Sword enhances your innate Psychic Abilities, allowing once lost supernatural talents to shine through, such as, Telepathy, Kinesis, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Teleportation, Invisibility and Astral Travelling/OBE’s. It brings you Akashic and Universal Wisdom presented in dreams, visions and daydreams. The steps you need to take will automatically be downloaded into your subconscious for manifestation. It infuses your Aura with a dazzling glow ~ others will see you in a whole new light of respect and admiration. This Sword will automatically align with your Aura and read your heart’s desires, thus making changes to bring them directly to you.

There is also the Spirit of Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Mason, Frank, attached to this sword, the original owner, and his name is engraved in the middle of the blade. Frank can come to you in dreams, visions and daydreams to bring wisdom, support, protection and guidance. Paranormal activity can occur with this sword, including: seeing orbs fly in and out of it, sparkling lights around it, cold dips in temperature around it and when you touch the handle, it can be cold and give off a tingling/electrical sensation. The first time I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor and I thought “Wow, this is incredible!” The first time I held it, it sent chills through my entire body! Even hours later, I can still feel its energy coursing through me! I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it! I know whomever is chosen to welcome it will be blessed tremendously and greatly appreciate its immense power!

The Sword measures an impressive 37” long, with a blade length of just under 29” long and has an ornate scabbard. The handle has a gold colored metal Knights Templar helmet, with a black handle and faded cross. There are elaborate etchings along the blade of Templar historical scenes and imagery. There is rich patina throughout. The blade bares the inscription of Frank’s full name as well as the manufacturer “E.A. Armstrong . . . Chicago IL.” This company hand-made swords in the late 1800’s, when quality and integrity was put into their work. This heavy piece weighs slightly over 2 lbs. It also comes with its original cotton sheath! Once you welcome this treasure, it will fill your Life with tremendous Blessings & Miracles! Hold the Sword in your hand, and you will immediately feel its Power!

Are you being called to this amazing Relic? You won't be able to stop thinking about it! It holds exceptional mystique and will beckon to its rightful new keeper ~ a must-have for the discerning Metaphysical collector!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo


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