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Illuminati Holy Chalice of the Angels

$2,900.00 $5,000.00


Illuminati Holy Chalice of the Angels
 photo angel chalice 1_zpsvpjqaiyl.jpg

This exceptional piece is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and holds incredible power. It was imbued long ago by the Illuminati and Knights Templar Brethren with Secret Biblical Codes for wealth, success, power, adoration, respect, happiness, longevity and wisdom. It acts as a gateway through which the Gods most powerful Choirs of Angels will come through to bless your life!

Once you welcome this Chalice, the Angels Miraculous energies will automatically attract and activate the Divine Plan for your life and they will never miss an opportunity to bring you closer to your next steps! The Angels bring their Divine Intervention to help release you from the burdens you’ve been facing; in relationships, health, finance, career or any other issues. The Angels will manifest remarkable solutions and new opportunities and people will come into your life for your greater benefit.  Feel free to utilize their blessings not only for yourself, but your loved ones as well. You will be amazed at what happens when you choose to welcome this Chalice into your life!

This multi-functional piece can be utilized by you as a wishing vessel; write down or mentally imbue your wishes inside the Chalice for the Angels to bring you their Divine blessings. You could also use to burn tea-light candles, incense, place offerings inside or place talismans inside for heavenly Metaphysical cleansing & restoration.

Spring water poured into the Holy Chalice is supernaturally transformed into a Magick Elixir, charged with Divine Energy directly from the Angels! There are many Powerful things this Holy Angel Water can do, such as:


*Dab a little around the doorways of your home or office to cleanse & protect it from Evil Spirits & Negative Energy

*Dab on yourself to protect yourself from the Evil Eye & Negative Energy

* Dab on your face and/or body for a more youthful glow or personal blessing of your choice

*Dab on the body for divine healing and deep cellular restoration

*Dab on pets for any special blessing of your choice

*Dab on your 3rd eye to open & cleanse it as well as give prophetic, lucid and enlightening dreams

*Dab a little on your wallet or purse and watch your Finances Increase Exponentially!

*The uses are endless for what you choose to do with this Holy Potion!

 photo angel illuminati 1_zps2mjdckcq.jpg

Paranormal activity has been associated with this piece, such as seeing orbs, mists and twinkling lights around it. It’s been known to sometimes give off a luminous glow at night. Its energy is intense and you may even feel lightheaded or “moved” just by looking at its pictures. An item of this magnitude is not something I’m typically able to offer to the general public. Do not miss your chance at owning this priceless artifact! It will surely be one of, if not the Most Treasured Magickal item you will ever own!!

This beautiful piece is composed of fine porcelain and features several 3-D Angels around it. It measures just under 5.5” tall by about 4” across. Find a very special Place of Honor in your home for this incredible piece!


All information will accompany your Holy Chalice of the Angels!

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