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Lele Goddess Portal Ring Gypsy Estate

$159.99 $399.99


Lele Goddesses Portal Ring
from Gypsy Estate

This ring is from the private collection of my friend’s Grandmother, Luminita, a Romanian Gypsy who recently crossed over. Luminita lived a very happy, long and fulfilling life. She was born into a long line of powerful Romani Gypsy Witches; her mother and grandmother (both Mediums), taught her the Secrets of herbs and incantations for incredibly effective Craftwork; as well as how to tap into her natural abilities. She spent years dedicated to her mission of enhancing other’s lives through alternative means. She had love, money and anything she could ever need, but success to her meant helping others through her phenomenal abilities. She never hesitated to assist anyone who asked. She was born with a caul, which brings natural Occult powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and many unique abilities.

This was one of Luminita’s cherished Magickal Portal pieces connected to the beautiful Lele Goddesses. The Lele’s are Romanian supernatural beings, similar to Fairies and Nymphs. The Goddess Lele’s bring the ultimate in blessings of love, good luck, relationships, friendships, creativity, beauty, happiness, dreamwork, healing, protection and blessings in all areas. They help spark your inner feminine & Goddess power! Your Aura will sparkle with confidence & allure and others will be drawn to your strong sensual magnetism! The Lele will open your 3rd eye and enhances your intuition and clairvoyant abilities so that you can effortlessly receive their unique guidance, love and support. They cloak you in an impenetrable shield of protective energy that repels negative thoughts and energies purposefully directed at you by others. They will bring you wealth and prosperity by Spiritually “downloading” teachings through dreams & visions that will increase your wealth consciousness. They will help you communicate & connect better with all Spirits, especially Nature Spirits, Fairies and Devas of all kinds. Through this Ring, thousands of Lele Goddesses will automatically come through to bless your Life and grant your innermost wishes! You will feel their uplifting & loving energies as soon as you welcome this Ring!

This vintage hand-crafted ring features a metal band with a sparkling pink center stone and two cosmic swirls, size 10.5. You do not have to wear, you could carry with you or simply keep in a special place. Incredibly Rare and one-of-a-kind, this ring will be an amazing addition to your Metaphysical collection!

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