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Native American Blessed Rainbow Dream Catcher



Native American Blessed Rainbow Dream Catcher

I Spellcast this beautiful Dream Catcher to bring you overall positive blessings. It works as a home purifier – drawing in negative energy through its vortex and eliminating it forever. It also helps promote restful sleep, relaxation, happiness and reduces anxiety. It brings deep healing and ushers in positive Chi/life force energy. It also stimulates creativity, bringing you fresh new concepts and ideas. I additionally had this Dream Catcher blessed by a Native American Ojibwa Chief. This brings extra protection from evil forces and the blessings of thousands of Native American Indian Spirits.

The dream catcher has been a part of Native American culture for generations. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The dream catcher, when hung over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers very softly to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams, not knowing the way, would get tangled in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.

Your purchase is for 1 XL Rainbow Dream Catcher which can be hung anywhere in your home or office to receive it’s blessings! It measures 25” from very top of purple ribbon hanging loop to very bottom of feathers (since these are handmade, please allow for slight variations). A beautiful addition to your Sacred Space, Altar or Meditation Zen Zone!

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