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FREE White Crystal Ray Transcendence Pendulum

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White Crystal Ray



I Spellcast this beautiful pendulum utilizing the Ancient Pendulum Invocations of my Ancestors to bring you enhanced communication with your Spirit Friends, deceased pets & Loved ones. It was blessed during several Full Moons with extremely strong Spirit Drawing Energies! Within minutes you’ll be able to dowse the answer to questions and receive personal guidance! This pendulum has been imbued with the energizing powers of the Quartz Crystal Ray of Light. This unique energy transcends space and time to connect you with all other realms. It represents power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. This pendulum brings clarity in understanding the messages that are coming through so you can not only achieve the wisdom needed to make decisions, but obtain the confidence to act on them. This powerful energy also helps open the 3rd eye and Spiritual gateways so you’re better able to connect with Spirits.

This Pendulum has been appropriately Charged & Cleansed during the Full Moon’s rays. I’ve added powerful protection Spells so nothing malevolent can ever come through and manipulate your answers. They really don’t like this pendulum and actually avoid it at all costs! A pendulum can be a very personal tool and your energies will grow to align with it. You can use different pendulums for different reasons ~ you can find a variety of more in my shoppe! Whether you’re reading for others or finding the answers you truly wish to know, this will quickly become a useful tool for you on your journey!

This pendulum features a quartz crystal gemstone with a base metal Celestial charm.

This pendulum is not limited to providing just “yes” or “no” answers ~ included in your shipment will be 2 mini-charts you can use; but you can also make or print out your own charts.

All information will be included in your shipment.

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