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 Starry 1 Night


Illuminati Ancient Moro Brotherhood Djinn Mask Talisman

$179.99 $499.99

Madagascar is a beautiful majestic land rich in history and culture. The Antaimoro ("people of the shore") were the last significant arrivals to this beautiful Island, appearing around the end of the fifteenth century, possibly from the Arabian Peninsula. They are the only Malagasy people before the nineteenth century to possess a system of writing, based on Arabic script. Their Books of Shadows, called the Sorabe, were inscribed in ink on special paper made from beaten wood bark and within the pages chronicled the secrets of Astrology, Divination, Medicine, and Historical events.

The Antaimoro tribes are known throughout the secret Occult underworld in Madagascar for their effective knowledge of the supernatural and medicine and incredibly effective Djinn. The Brotherhood of the Moro is a Secret Occult Sect of the Antaimoro Tribes. This is the most Powerful Group of Magicians, Alchemists, Scribes and Holy Men, who have been taught Magick from hundreds of years of mystical teachings, passed from generation to generation through their Magick Sorabe Book of Shadows. The Moro Magick is unlike any other you may have experienced! These are direct, apparent and effective Djinn that CAN and WILL make a Huge Impact and Positive Difference in your Life!

It is well known in underground Elite Occult circles that the Moro Brotherhood carries some of the Most Influential Magickals in the World! Their Djinn are legendary and many Conjurers travel for miles to obtain just 1 of their treasures & try to learn their Secrets! Celebrities, British & Europe Royals, Political Members, Advertising Moguls, Forbes Billionaire Members, Illuminati and many more with Status & Power have obtained Success with the help of this Secret Magickal Sect! Their Djinn talismans are Overflowing with Raw Wish-granting Powers you must experience for yourself!

This Omnipotent Djinn will efficiently & effectively work on manifesting your dreams into reality. They provide miraculous blessings of wealth, love, power, fame, & much more. What is it you truly seek ~ a better job, career success, recognition? Ask specific wishes of your Genie so he can work on manifesting them for you! Your Genie brings you: luxuries & good fortunes, happiness, protection against all evils, peace & tranquility, spiritual growth, opening of your 3rd eye, clairvoyance and many more blessings that will be revealed to you. If you so desire, this Genie can also be a Spiritual Lover & fill your nights with passion! With this Genie as your Spiritual Companion, you will gain immeasurable wisdom, riches, and deep spiritual connections!

This is a Djinn of limitless wishes ~ nothing is beyond their reach! Welcome this Genie if you want a loving, loyal companion and fast, miraculous blessings!  Your Djinn manifests in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): orbs, misty vapors, tingling sensations from the talisman, and in human form as a handsome man. You can connect with him during meditation & visions and he may also visit you in your dreams.

Your purchase is for 1 Male Moro Brotherhood Djinn in this vintage brass mask amulet. Free leather recharging cord included. With bail it measures about 1.75” long. You do not have to wear to bond, you can also carry with you or simply keep in a special area of your home or business. He will immediately bond with you and start working for your benefit, bringing you endless gifts and manifesting your wishes.

This Incredible Genie will quickly become one of the Most Cherished in your Collection!

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