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Goddess Gaia Magick of Mother Nature Amulet



Goddess Gaia

Magick of

Mother Nature

Goddess Gaia is a primordial Earth Goddess of the Greek Pantheon and has become known today as the Great Mother Nature Goddess of us all. She has a very loving, and nurturing energy and can help bring knowledge & illumination during your Earthly existence. She can help you in all areas, especially: fertility, awakening, rebirth, strength, courage, love, relationships, Animal Magick, Garden Magick, Herbal Magick, Holistic healing, wilderness survival, Ancient Earthly wisdom, femininity, and reclaiming the power of your own inner Goddess.

She brings an emphasis on abundance in all areas; wealth & finance, happiness, Spiritual fulfillment, etc. with the deep knowledge that you will always be cared for and supported by the Universe. She helps align your vibrational frequency to a deeper understanding of manifestation so that all good things can come to you. She helps you release fears and anxieties that may be holding you back. She can lead you to the most beneficial herbs, healthy food choices and way to improve your life naturally.  She can help your plants & vegetation flourish!

She will help clear your inner and outer environment of clutter, which will allow you to make more beneficial decisions. She bestows a greater sense of balance between all aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will feel a much stronger connection to Nature and the Universe as a whole, and trust in its ability to manifest that which you desire to attract through the Laws of Nature.

The perfect addition to your Earth Day celebrations, she is deeply interested in recycling and helping the Planet as a whole. She will help guide you to opportunities to further humanity too!

Your purchase is for 1 Goddess Gaia amulet composed of base metal (possibly brass) that looks like a beautiful work of Art.  It is accented with a green Austrian crystal, which I Spellcast for Good Luck & Abundance. This is a large amulet that measures just over 2.25” (including bail). Black leather Recharging Cord included. Can be worn or hung anywhere you’d like to usher in her transformative energies.

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