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Ostara Easter Eggs of Abundance Bracelet



Ostara Easter

Eggs of



In March we celebrate Ostara and the Spring (Vernal) Equinox. This is the day in which night and day are equal lengths and we celebrate this balance of light & dark. We also welcome the return of the sun as the days becoming lighter. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, exuberance, abundance and fertility! As the Earth thaws from the harsh winter, we are presented with the beauty of new life. New plants and flowers are stirring beneath the Earth’s top soil. It’s that exciting time of year when you can start growing your own indoor vegetable seedlings for planting once the weather is warmer!

Ostara is a holiday named for the Germanic Goddess, Eostre. Legend states she happened upon a wounded bird on the ground in late winter. To save its life, she Magickally transformed it into a rabbit. However, the transformation was not a complete one. While the bird took the appearance of a rabbit, it still retained the ability to lay eggs. The rabbit would decorate the eggs and leave them as gifs to Goddess Eostre!

This gorgeous bracelet was Spellcast utilizing the powers of Goddess Ostara for the extreme abundance Spring brings! This bracelet brings good fortune, draws wealth, helps build business success, helps you find a new/better career (if need be), helps you find you life’s purpose, brings motivation, boosts creativity, happiness, confidence, beauty and brings an abundance of all that is good! Especially beneficial if you are starting a new project or endeavor! No formal ritual required, these Spells will automatically work for you!

Your purchase is for 1 adorable Ostara Easter Egg Abundance Bracelet composed of colorful “egg” pearls on string, about 7” long (fits a 6.25” size wrist or smaller); and a base metal clasp. If this is too small for you, let me know upon checkout and I will add a few loops to the clasp to make it a longer bracelet.   *note: the picture shows a sample, the colors of pearls are similar but placement will vary as they are hand-made. This is a terrific Magickal for Ostara ~ but it can also be utilized all year long!

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