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Spring Garden Fairy Attracting and Wishing Bracelet



Spring Garden Fairy Attracting and Wishing Bracelet
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Utilizing the Celtic Fairy Summoning Spells of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this enchanting Spring Garden Fairy Wishing Bracelet! Crafted using strong Fae Attraction Oils, Herbs, and Incantations, then charged during the Full Moon with Fairy Drawing Energies, this bracelet acts like a beacon to bring these Fairies directly to you. These benevolent Fairies of Spring will surround you with their love, Magick and positive, uplifting energies! If you are a gardener or enjoy growing your own plants, vegetables or flowers, they will sprinkle their Magick Fairy Dust over your seedlings for beautiful and expansive growth! Strongly connected to Animal and Garden Magick, they are experts at caring for your most precious vegetation and the wild creatures within them. They can also assist you in all areas, especially: good luck, healing, 3rd eye opening, love, friendships, relationships, divination, Spirit communication, and peaceful dreams. This piece also can be used to ask Wishes of these Fae! Simply mentally infuse the bracelet with all of your deepest desires & wishes so the Fae can work on manifesting them for you. There is no limit to what they can do for you!

These Fae are paranormally active, but move quickly! You might be able to catch them manifest: as orbs, twinkling lights, mists, or in tiny human form! You also might see signs from them outside in your plant beds and gardens; which can include fairy dust, glittering dew, mushrooms, or tiny stick or rock piles. They are especially active during twilight and the wee hours of the morning.

Faeries help heal those issues in your life, which are troubling you and open your heart to move love & joy! Faeries will open up your ‘inner child’ and you will find new inner strength and confidence, as they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to discuss with them! Their naturally sweet essence helps you to commune more with nature. Through this Faerie bracelet, you will form a deeply personal relationship with the amazing Faerie realm!

Your purchase is for 1 Magick Spring Garden Fairy Attracting and Wishing Bracelet composed of purple and clear floral glass beads on an elastic cord that stretches to fit most wrists. This charming bracelet is sure to be one of your favorites!

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