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Fairy Queen of Camelot Guinevere + Merlin Druid Beauty Spells Ring

$39.99 $99.99


White Shadow Queen of Camelot Guinevere Ring
 photo gwen 7_zpshlzvzlre.jpg

Utilizing the Ancient Avalonian Spells of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer this captivating Spellcast Ring which holds the Spirit of the Legendary Queen Guinevere. She was secretly taught Alchemical Magick by Wizard Merlin and knows just the right Spells to help influence your life! Summoned through the Ancient eons of British legend, Welsh Mythology and Celtic Druidism, Guinevere comes as a motivational & loving Spirit Guide. Her name means “White Shadow” and she inspires a transformational journey through different Spiritual Realms. Through her Druid Magick, she will teach you how to harness Natures Powers. As Queen of the Fae, she can attract Fairies and benevolent ethereal beings to you.  She will reveal Avalon’s deepest Mysteries and teachings, while bringing you personal empowerment. As a catalyst for Spiritual growth, she will lead you on the path that is most beneficial and rewarding, helping you to use your instincts and bring incredible insight & clarity. She can assist you in any area of Magick you’re interested in pursuing. With this Ring in your life, you will be surrounded with the love, protection & Magick of this Amazing Queen!

I’ve also Spellcast this ring with several Druidic Spells:
*Magnetic Beauty, Allure & Sexiness
*Increased Self-confidence & Self-Worth
*Enhance your Aura with a Glamorous Attractant
*Finds & draws your Soul Mate to you
*Reverses and repels negative Spirits & Energy
*Ease stress and anxiety
*Prophetic, Lucid & Restful Dreams
*Bring Fortunes & Blessings

Your purchase is for 1 Queen Guinevere Spellcast Ring composed of hypoallergenic stainless steel. The band features beautiful flower & dragonfly images. This design is on ½ of the band, while the other ½ is smooth. This makes an eye-catching stackable ring (one you can wear with other rings) and will be worn often!  Please choose your size from the dop-down menu.

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