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Hawaiian Fire Goddess Pele & Hot Lava Spells Bracelet


Hawaiian Fire Goddess “Pele” & Hot Lava Spells Bracelet
 photo Pele 1_zpse7xxtr8m.jpg

Redness of the Fire!

Utilizing the Sacred Ancient Mystical teachings of Lemuria & my Ancestors, I’m honored to present this gorgeous Goddess Pele bracelet! She is the goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind & Volcanos and is credited with creating the Hawaiian Islands. She will help you tap into your passions & true heart’s desires. She will help you in all areas, especially love, motivation, creativity and Ancient wisdom.  She can assist you if you’ve been angry or hurt by a past lover and knows if you keep your feelings buried within, you can erupt -or- this anger can become trapped and buried inside you, which will only smother and extinguish any flames of passion. If you’ve suffered a divorce or difficult end to a romantic relationship, allow her to heal those latent, stifling energies so you can move forward with positive & happy energy! She brings a strong sexual energy and raw fiery passion!

I also Spellcast this bracelet with the following Hot Lava Spells:
*Personal Empowerment
*Increasing your Energy & Stamina
*Help you find your Soul Mate or increase the passion in your current relationship
*Increasing Beauty, diminishing wrinkles & turning back the aging clock
*Confidence & Self-esteem
*Sexual Satisfaction
*Wealth & Financial Blessings
*Career Success
*Psychic Enhancement, Open 3rd Eye, Clairvoyance

 photo pele 2_zpsl6r8ob8m.jpg

Goddess Pele can manifest in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): orbs, flashes of light, misty vapors or in human form as a very beautiful Exotic woman with long black hair and large amber eyes. Her element is Fire & can assist you when working with this element in your own Magickal practices. She can also manifest by making candle flames or fire sources dance/flicker or form shapes in the smoke of incense.

The Goddess Pele has chosen this gorgeous Golden Sheen Obsidian bracelet as her connection to you. It features 2 metal Hawaiian Protea Flower beads (the oldest flower in the world) and an amber colored shambhala stone strung on an elastic cord that stretches to fit most wrists. This unisex bracelet can be worn by both men & women.  Golden Sheen Obsidian is one gemstone you must have in your collection! It forms when volcanic lava begins to cool as it hits the water. It was used in Ancient times for scrying. It is an excellent stone of protection and forms a shield against negative energies. It also absorbs negative energies from your environment. In this way, it helps to keep you happy & uplifted. It also helps eliminate power struggles and repels those who may try & block you from achieving your goals. This stone imparts Ancient wisdom and helps you follow your Spiritual path. It clears the 3rd eye and brings insight & clarity. It naturally attracts wealth & prosperity. Physically it helps relieve pain, release tension and balance your energy field.

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