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Morgana ~ Morgan le Fay Carved Rose Amulet



Morgana ~ Morgan le Fay

Utilizing my Secret Ancestral Celtic Invocations, I am excited to offer you this gorgeous amulet, imbued with the Power of the Mysterious Goddess of Arthurian Legend; Morgan le Fay. Arising from the Sacred Mists of Avalon, the great Triple Goddess brings you her Extraordinary Magickal Expertise, taught directly by Merlin the Magnificent. She is part human, part Morgen (Welsh Water Spirit), so she naturally has a vast amount of innate Magickal Prowess.

Morgan le Fay can weave her Spellbinding Magick into your life! She brings the power of the Druidic Ancestors through the veil of the Otherworld and can connect you to your inner Druid. She can tap into any latent abilities you may have; enhance your psychic abilities; telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, 3rd eye awakening, dream enhancement, communicating with Spirits and much more. She would be honored to perform Spells on your behalf as well as assist you with performing and strengthening your own Rituals and Spellworkings. Morgan le Fay has the power & passion to manifest all you desire! She will bestow you with wisdom & support in on all levels.

Morgan le Fay also brings a strong feminine energy and Dark/New Moon Lunar power. She can bring you Enchantments of Beauty, Allure and Sexual Prowess. This Vixen Goddess was able to have any man she desired; captivating them with fascination, charisma and an unquenchable magnetism! Your Aura will dazzle others with an irresistible allure!

Morgana also brings fair justice to those who have wronged you, especially where relationship matters are concerned. She does not like to see good people mistreated or taken advantage of. Obstacles are quickly obliterated, evil & hexes reversed and your path is cleared. Welcome her into your home & you will be surrounded with her protective Energy & very powerful Magick!

Your purchase is for 1 Morgan le Fay Rose Amulet, carved from white & dark Mother of Pearl, honoring her watery origins and representing the duality of darkness & light. Free silver-plated Recharging Chain included! *note: picture shows a representative sample ~ all are unique as Mother Nature created them. The Amulet measures about 1 inch long (including bail). Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. Whenever you wear or touch the Amulet, Morgana will connect with your energy and Aura, bringing about profound enlightenment and spiritual alignment within your mind, body & Soul. This is one of my favorite pieces and I hope soon yours too!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

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