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Mourning Moon Candle Kit



Mourning Moon Kit
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November’s Full Moon is known as the Mourning Moon and falls on November 25th. Ancient Celtic Pagans honored Samhain as the start of the New Year, so November’s full moon is the start of new beginnings.

I’ve created this beautiful Mourning Moon Kit to honor the loved ones we’ve lost and help us look forward to a new year of bright beginnings. You do not have to use it specifically on the 25th, it can be used any time, all year round. When you lose someone you love, it creates a shift in your world and brings a new dynamic that changes the way you view things/life. I’ve created this kit to help you move through your grief, bring healing and honor your loved ones.

It features a 2 x 6 black unscented candle with an “I’m Still Here” poem, tied with purple and orange ribbons; the colors of a beautiful sunset which holds the promise and hope for a better tomorrow. I’ve also included one of my dream pillow sachets filled with calming & relaxing natural herbs to help bring restful sleep and overall relaxation. Also included in a black onyx worry stone to help relieve stress and anxiety, helping you to take one day, hour, minute at a time. You will also receive a 2 x 3 bag (1.5 ounce) bag of black Witches Bath Salt, blessed and imbued to wash away fears and baggage and to help detox your body after its endured the trauma of one’s passing; it eliminates negativity and ushers in positive energies. Also included is a raw gemstone called an Apache Tear. It looks opaque, but hold it up to the light and you can see it is translucent. This symbolizes that even in darkness, there is light. It is covered in a white/grey perlite matrix and measures about .75 inches. Its name comes from an Apache Tribe legend in which about 75 Apaches and the US Cavalry fought on a mountain overlooking what is now Superior, Arizona in the 1870’s. Facing defeat, the outnumbered Apache warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths rather than be killed. The wives and families of the warriors cried when they heard of the tragedy; their tears turned into stone upon hitting the ground. Their tears forever immortalized so people would never forget what happened. This powerful form of Black Obsidian brings intense natural blessings. It helps protect you from negative energies, demons and psychic attacks by transmuting them and clearing the way for positive vibrations. It helps ground Spiritual experiences into the physical, helping you to integrate them into your life. It brings good luck and is a powerful stone to use during meditation. Helps purify thoughts and actions, releasing anger and old, negative patterns and bad habits. Brings deep healing and support during times of sorrow; helping you to accept and release grief when you are ready. It has a deep grounding energy, helping to balance the emotions and relieve stress. Brings strength and positive energies. You could even place in your bath to help bring relaxation and remove toxins.

The holidays can be an especially difficult time. I hope you enjoy this lovely set to assist you in bringing greater happiness, healing, faith and hope.

*please note: do not replace this kit with proper medical care. If you are deeply depressed or suffering with grief, please contact a counselor, loved one or support group.

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