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 Starry 1 Night


Blue Moon Lammas Double Spellcast Amulet

$59.99 $129.99


  ~July 31st/August 1st~ 

The Festival of


Full Blue Moon

Double Spellcast!

We had such an amazing time performing this powerful Spellcast!  If you missed out on it, we did Spellcast a few Amulets!  This Spellcast was performed by me & two of my Wiccan friends on the night of the Full Blue Moon & start of the Lammas festival! A Blue Moon is an extremely Magickal occurrence!  The power intensifies to 9x a normal full moon Spellcast!  A Blue Moon occurs when a second full moon falls in any one calendar month.

Lammas marks the very beginning of the Harvest Season and my Favorite time of year! We celebrate the first harvest of the summer crops and all of the abundance the Universe has provided in all areas of our lives. We baked a traditional wheat bread from scratch, and offered it upon our Altar along with fresh fruits and vegetables. We incorporated a wide variety of materials such as oils, incense, candles, herbs and crystals specific for this Sabbat. We honored our & your Ancestors and the hard work they had to do simply to survive. We gave thanks that we have food on our tables and anticipate the remaining harvests of the year to be bountiful.

We asked that abundance come to us in many forms: financial, happiness, success, etc. We acknowledged the turning of the Wheel with regeneration and renewal. We called upon High King Lugh, Celtic God of creative talents and skills, to help us improve on our natural Magickal gifts/talents as well as anyone wanting to improve their natural talents.

The Spells imbued into your Amulet are for:
*Riches & Wealth
*Deep Healing & Restoration
*Love & Attraction
*Protection from Evil & Negative influences
*Beauty, Weight Loss, Healthy Living
*Uncovering and/or Strengthening Inner Talents

The Spells were encased in this beautiful glass Amulet. It features a base metal sun and moon charm and an inner chamber; nestled inside the tiny blue beads is a Herkimer diamond, honoring the light that is within you & encapsulating the special Magick of the Blue Moon Lammas night! Sterling silver recharging chain included.  This amulet will only increase in power in the coming years and is just as strong today as it was that night!

Your shipment will also include a beautiful parchment page for your Book of Shadows, a Free Recharging Pouch, some Spellcast incense & a Spellcast Candle.

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